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just lastnight my bestfriend came to me with a

really hard question....


her question was...

what should she do about her cold sores...

Not just that but she adressed to me that she

has a friend with benifits and she had a cold sore

on her lip and she let him kiss her. And the scary

news is that she also let him go down on her.... and rub his

penis on her vagina... and she's been infected for now 2 weeks going on 3....without and kind of treatment...


Im concerned about her...She told me that she

thinks that she has herpes down there too now...and she

is very very scared...


She lives with her dad and her mom isn't relyable...

what should I do to help her...


I heard about Abreva...Does it work for down there too tho?


it works when I have them on my lips...but what about down there??


This scares me because my bestfriend doesn't know who to go

to with this problem...


thanks for reading

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Don't put Abreva on the labia if it is not indicated to work there!


I don't know Abreva, because in Holland I think it is called another brandname. I have no experience with coldsores, even not on the lips, but my friend has a boyfriend who has it on the lips and I am sure this cream he uses is NOT suited to treat cold sores down there. Please tell her this, the skin of the labia is so much more vulnerable, and I believe genital herpes is already very painful in itself, don't make it worse without contacting a doctor for a green light on using it there.


There are separate creams to be used in the genital area, and she SHOULD go to a doctor with this. The first outbreak is said to be the worst, I believe there are pills to take to keep the herpesvirus down in your system.


I am sorry, but she needs to go to a clinic. I think you can do so independently and anonymously in Holland, check out the possibilities on any healthcare center you have in your neighbourhood. They can provide you the info to help your friend best.



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link removed is a link to send a question to the manufacturers of Abreva. The company is GlaxoSmithKline, I am sure this will not be the first time this question is asked.


The link removed does not provide the information that will be included when you buy the product, but as far as I can tell from the website, it is really meant for herpes simplex, not herpes genitalis.


Good luck, and take care,



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Well cold sores are the primary symptom of Herpes (HSV-1) so she more than likely has it. And if she is infected in her genital area, then she has genital herpes. There are 2 kinds of Herpes - HSV1 and HSV2. HSV1 is the more common type and often comes in the form of cold sores and/or fever blisters. Because they are usual in the oral/facial area they are type one. HSV2 is a variant of the herpes virus and is more prevalent in the genital areas. Just as an FYI, these viruses affect the nervous system and are not a skin disease. Anyways, HSV1 can occur in the facial or genital area as can HSV2. It all depends on what type of infection you got and where it occurred.


The only way she is going to know for sure is by getting tested for all STD's. Make sure she gets the right and most accurate test. I believe it is called Herpes Select and she will have to get her blood drawn. There is a another far more accurate type of test, but it is more expensive and not as commonly used. Herpes Select is the next best test out there.


In any case, no topical ointment will cure the virus as it will be with her for life. You especially don't want to treat her genital area with something that is potent and not directed for use there anyway. Regardless, she needs to get tested and only a doctor can help her now.


Good Luck.

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She must go to a doctor. They can be the only ones who can accurately diagnose whether it is Herpes/Genital Warts or something else. And no, she should not be using Abreva down there, as that is not what it is intended for! It can cause serious damage and infection.


The drugs for genital herpes will be usually oral. If she gets the strain of HPV that results in warts, sometimes they will remove them surgically. However, the actual HPV she will have for the rest of her life, there is no cure, just treatments to try to reduce symptoms. She will also thereforeeee be contagious to others for the rest of her life.


More importantly, she must go to a doctor as they will have to test for other STD's as well. If you have one, you usually have something else as well.

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Note that HSV I/II are different virusses than HPV, the first can cause the cold sores on lips and genital area, the second is the cause of genital warts and the whole drama that can be caused by the string of HPV. But please urge her to go to her doctor with this. She might have her parents angry, but she can at least prevent for this thing to really put her in nasty situations later in life. There are pills for herpes, and if she'd indeed have other STD's, like a wart, she should have medical counselling and treatment to keep them in control.


She needs to get this friends with benefits tested as well. For his own sake. It may sound gross, but imagine the way this virus could have been transported, first by him on his lips to her vagina, and then his penis over it. He has been at risk to get infected for BOTH herpes on the lips and in the genital area.


Ask your friend if they practice safe intercourse. Because evidently, they weren't too careful, considering the fact that they BOTH knew she had a sore on the lip, which is incredibly contagious.


Both should get tested on all STD's, like RayKay suggested.



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