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Hey question bout first time

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last night was my first time with my girlfriend..but my firsttime ever having sex so ya it was cool...


I didnt cum tho...it was like hour if not longer...and no cum but it was good i guess i tryed ot cum at the end and it just wasnt working? any suggestions? or comments..mayb the first time isnt as good??


Also..i took off the condom at the very end and i put it in one time..thats not enuf to get her pregnant is it..i mean the probability of precum from just putting it in one time isnt high right? but w/e im not gona worry

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Congratulations on your first time.


It isn't abnormal for someone to not cum their first time. I've had sex quite a few times and haven't cum yet without oral or hand stimulation.


I think some of it has to do with being nervous and the other may have to do with the fact that you may be used to getting yourself off. I know personally I have a particular way to get myself off and now it's harder for a girl to do the same.


As for taking off the condom, not the brightest idea, but you should be safe pregnancy wise (although there is always a chance). However, not a good idea because you never know about diseases. I've made mistakes in the past and now make sure to always wear a condom no matter how constrictive it may feel. It's to protect you and your partner from not only pregnancy, but all the nasty dieases out there which, compared to pregnancy, are WAY scarier.

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Taking off the condom -- not a good idea. Even though you don't ejaculate, there are fluids or pre-ejaculate that can be emitted, which is not always visible and which contains sperm. And yes, you should be worried about diseases as well as pregnancy.

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Taking off the condom is not a good idea. As a previous poster stated there is a small amount of sperm in pre-cum, or cowpers' fluid, and all it takes is one sperm to impregnate your gf.


It was most likely nerves that caused you not to ejaculate, I wouldn't worry too much about that.


Next time, keep the condom on the entire time, unless you and your gf are ready to be parents.

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ya she could get pregnant if the seman went into her vaginal hole...ummm

okay so about the "not cumming"...well


do you smoke? I know when someone smokes or intoxicated

it's more hard to get off....Geez..I hope that girl isn't pregnant tho

because...if ur profile is right...It would really suck to be 14 and havin responsibilty of a baby!!


stay safe...


use a condom always!!

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