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Hi guys,


So some things have happened to confuse me even more since my last post link removed


so we decided to continue being on our break and assuming we are on a break he sent me an IM saying how much he loves me and he'll talk to me later so then the next day I didn't talk to him all day and he sent me an IM saying hey I was looking at engagment rings today I was like ok so I played it cool and was like how come etc and then he was like I'm leaving work now and going home so I was said ok and then later I went out to dinner with some friends and I realized I had a problem with my car so I texted him to ask what could be wrong with it and he never responded not by texting me or Iming me or anything so I don't understand how he can say we are on a break when I talk to him but when he talks to me we aren't on one does anyone get this!!! it's so frustrating!

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I'm new to this forum..

You know.. hehe I think I know how you feel..

the moral response to such a problem would be to

'approach him... and talk to him calmly about the problems'...

but in actual theory... if such situations.. it doesn't seem to work out too good.....well not for me..

What you should do... if you guys are on a break.. just ignore any contact he tries to make with u.. unless it's really really urgent.. If he wants his space, I believe that you should be entitled to yours..

But don't show you're angry... or frustrated..and if he asks about your feelings... ALWAYS be open and honest

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