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Hi guys its been a while since i have posted, but this stage is really confusing, after this happened


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the anger is what had been carring me on, i mean i have grown confortable with carrying this hatred and anger that now that i knows its coming to an end i feel sorta lost without it.


During this time healing i have gone to the gym, got better grades at uni, joined a football team and just keeping busy with the anger and hatred drving me. I am finally letting go but now feel sorta lost. Has anyone else felt like this and how did u overcame it??

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This happened to me last month. I was pretty mad at my ex for a long time (6 months) then all of a sudden I started to feel like I was letting it go. Then I felt like a different kind of emptiness was inside. I've read that we miss the anger itself for a little while when it finally leaves. I was this way for a couple of weeks then that went away too. Now you can really start looking for another girl, it's a good time to meet new people. Hit on girls, and hit on a lot of them.

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That's just another stage of the whole healing process you are going through post breakup. Be glad that you are passed this stage now and are on the verge of total healing. There are so many people, including on this forum that refuse to let themselves go through this. It's a process and can be a long process. Like heloladies mentioned, he was mad at his ex for 6 months. Yet, so many people don't want to go through this and they convince themselves that they are suddenly cured or changed only to find themselves in the same, if not bigger hole, they originally were in.


You should be glad that you have rechanneled your energies into other areas. The fact that you even got better grades shows that to be true. It only gets better as time passes and there may be setbacks and feelings of being lost/confused/etc. Just make sure to keep on bettering yourself and in time you'll be whole again.

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