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Starting Over: Getting back into the dating world.

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I had been dating this girl for two and a half years, and things were rocky but they didn't work out and I am starting to accept it. Anyway, I was abusive to her and I have done a lot of thearapy and figured out that I have an alcohol and sex addiction. I am just beating myself up about the things that I did to her. I can't seem to get on with my life because I am still so concerned with what she thinks with me and getting her back. I love her and she is dating someone else, which I am getting to be okay with. My question is, if she has moved on and I haven't what do I do? I still feel guilty about staring at other girls because I wonder what she will think. And she is with another guy. I guess my main question is how do I start to date again?

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Have you apologized for the way you mistreated her? If you did, and you meant it, you need to forgive yourself, and know that you are a better person. Just because she is dating does not mean that you are ready to do so. Maybe you still need some time to recover. Keep busy, find some activities, take a yoga class, or kickboxing, whatever you have an interest in. Take some time for yourself. Get to know yourself better, and just make improvements. When you meet someone you are interested in, it will happen. Sorry you are hurting.

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i think what you should do first is get rid of any sentimental objects that you may still have of hers - pictures, clothing, videos,. it always hurts when you see things that remind you of that person. definitely dont call or communicate with her it will only worsen things! it will turn the sting to a burn trust me ive been there. but most of all id say start getting out talking to new people. and maybe consider some counseling it wont hurt! i hope things get better 8)

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