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Please need advice

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me and my boyfriend have been going out for the past like 2 years on and off. but this time ive been like even more involved with our relationship. and i no i am in love with him. but one week we were separated. i was at a church camp and he was in florida. ever since he came back ( been like a month since he came back) hes been using excuses not to talk to me...


a) hes to busy reading/doing math

b) hes tired or sleeping

c) working on something

d) his brother wants to talk


yea alL of these are goOd excuses i no. but after the 30th time in a week theyd get unbelievable rite? i read in a magazine earlier that when they say "they are toO busy for you" or when they dont calL you as often they want to break up. so should i break up with him? even if im like soo much in love with him? im so stuck! i need help.

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Depending on how close your relationship is I'd talk to him.


Scare him a little bit too with the dreaded line:


'we need to talk'


If he doesn't come around, take it from there.


But tell him how you feel ignored and remind him that You Are His Girlfriend!


He has to make time for you too.

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Unfortunately, yes, a lot of the time, when a guy is getting ready to break up with you, he will find reasons to be "busy."


I think that the best thing you can do in this situation is to back off from him. let him miss you. Don't call him, let him call you and want to talk to you. This may rekindle his interest, or he may just let you walk away. If you keep calling him, he may start to feel smothered, and that isn't good - he's going to want space from you.


Start getting "busy" yourself - spend more time with your friends and your hobbies. Let him call you and miss you!


good luck

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