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Found one online! Now what? Please help!

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Hey people. Scootchy here.


I met a stunning girl online that lives an hour's drive away from me (Not that transport is a problem). I let her know that I'm interested in a long-ish email and immediately after she read it she let me know that she is also interested.


What am I supposed to do to make the perfect first date absolutely perfect? Well as close to perfection as humanly possible anyways. We both are completely inlove with the beach (Its winter here by the way) and music. I know a snazzy place that has a live band every Thursday night at like 20:30. I think we can do that to top it off.


Anything for earlier in the day? Just to get her to tell me at the end of the date that she wants to do it again sometime, atleast.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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This place with the live music, restaurant or what sort of establishment is it?


As for activities earlier in the day, depending what your city and the girl is like, you could always take a city tour. Possibly an event in the town or one nearby. Outside of beaches and music, maybe find out what she likes to do, or maybe she has mentioned about - I wish we had this or that here, or I've haven't been to this or that in awhile - That may also given hints to what she may be interested in. Even hobbies and outside interests can lend a hand in decisions of early day activities.


For me personally, I've always liked the first date to blossom throughout the time the date and I are together, and saving the best event for last. Start out with an activity that keeps it lively and busy but not overwhelming or boring to the point of tears. Making the interest gradual, enough that you wonder what is next. Then end the date with something slow and romantic, bringing a content closure to the night.

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