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It has now been 11 weeks since no contact on both our parts. No phone call, no email, no accidental meetings...no nothing. I think about him every day, and wish he would break it. Don't know how long until or if ever it will be broken. I am better than before, but still miss him alot.

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7 1/2 weeks for me on both our parts. ditto to everything you just wrote. I wish he'd break it - I know I won't - I'm not sure if it'll ever be broken either (he's the dumper I'm the dumpee). Time will tell I guess. And I hate the missing part! I wish honestly he'd just disappear from memory. Soon...

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i should be NC but i cant help it, longest weve gone is 4 days but i broke both NC both times... I cant help it.. I love him and I know he loves me because hes always willing to get back together and give it another chance... Its so hard.... im dreading the day NC is 4ever

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You guys are doing great 71/2 and 11 weeks is a looong time. Mine is 1 week, the longest is 3 weeks. He would call all the time, and I kept ignoring it. However, I believe this is permenant because the last time I spoke to him, I told him to never call me again. I don't think he would call me again. And if he does, he misses me a lot.


I am going crazy missing him too. Do you guys think of dumper everyday? I think of him in my sleep, that is how bad it its.


Moonunit quote:

And I hate the missing part! I wish honestly he'd just disappear from memory. Soon...


I wish too

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I am the dumper and I have initiated no contact for 2 1/2 months. We only made contact once, through an e-mail.. light and casual. I still think about her and how her life is but I'm doing fine on my own and looking for worthy girls the oppurtunity to see something special within me.

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Every waking moment and in my dreams. In the beginning however, for about 2 months, we had contact, it was back and forth up and down. We had a big explosion finally so that kind of curbed things (for awhile at least). I don't think my ex will call me again though he did say he'd call me towards the end of the summer. torchure.


It is a long time but what can you do? If he's not calling me anylonger, he's the one who wanted to take a break, he's the one who screwed up majorally, and he needs to be the one to take the step forward to come back - if he really wants me in his life in any capacity. I think it's pretty much done for though at this point in time. He's lost his mind and is taking an ego head trip. Maybe in a years time things will be different but right now? bah! tis a sads thing.


you know...i'm close to just letting go of all technology for awhile. computer and cell phone. i think that these mediums help us keep our exes in mind (at least in my life). at least for a few months so i can heal a little better.

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Well, I think the defining moment will be when a full six months have passed with no contact. That is when you will know for certain that it is over. If the dumper hasn't broken no contact by then, then it's over, and they just don't want you back and don't want to be with you. That will be the accepting stage. We will all have no choice but to lick our wounds and move on.

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Its only been a week, this has happened for 3 consecutive weeks. She initiated the last contact and thats when i told her i support her decision (instead of asking her to lets work things out). I gave her some things back and wished her good luck. She went to another state to look for a job and a place for a week. She said she loved me and kissed me, i said i love you and good luck.


I won't try and make contact with her again and if she tries to contact me, i'm thinking of avoiding it. Miss her like crazy. I was in a whirlwind and very depressed and broken hearted but I'm slipping to the anger state of mind.


I'm heading to Miami for a week, when i told her this she seemed concerned of when i was coming back. I dont even know what to think, just trying to put her out of my mind. Constant reminders make it tough.

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I did 4 months of NC with my old ex, and it was only broken to say Happy Thanksgiving to each other.


It's impossible to do total NC with my current ex-gf because we have all the same mutual friends, attend the same church, and go to the same group events. I'm not losing all of my friends for her, but at the same time it sucks seeing her there flirting with others. My version of "NC" is to avoid calling, texting, or speaking to her in those groups. I try to be very aloof and very unphased by her presense. Lately she's been txt'ing me and calling me a few times, and each time I try to keep it terse and polite to get off the phone.

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4 days has been the longest thus far for us...and we've only been apart since 6/24. Now, I should be in the clear to really do NC b/c we swapped belongings the other day, so there is really no other reason to have any contact. I am so frustrated b/c I have to start over again with this NC crap...it's all I can do and I know it is for the best, but it is difficult. IM is what gets me in trouble...I don't have probs with my phone cuz I just shut it off and leave it at home,- hidden in my room...e-mail doesn't even tempt me. I wish I could delete the application from my computer at work, but for some reason it won't let me. So frustrating...I am just hoping it gets easier.

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Let see it was 3 months of no contact till she broke it at work and then it was contact all the time for 6 months or so. she would find a way to talk to me if I did not talk to her. Been broken up for a year now.


The last time was contact near the middle of May and now it will be going on 2 months of no contact since I just disappeared from work.

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