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I have been dating my boyfriend since february, he broke up with me in the beginning of june, saying he was afraid when i went to school i would meet someone else, but i going to beauty school nearby, well we ended up going back out, no more than 2 weeks later he breaks up with me again, saying that we got to serious too fast (we say we loved eachother and we together 24/7) well i left it alone for a week and i went to his house to talk about it and we started dating again, now we dont say we love eachother and we are not together 24/7 and its been great, i just live in fear everyday that he's going to break up with me again! What do I do?!?! HELP!

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Obviously not everything is great if you live in fear that you will be broken up with 24/7... I mean honestly, do you like being with someone knowing that they can break up with you AGAIN for some reason that he puts together?


Being together all the time is not really a bad thing, of course you need time away sometimes, but being together alot can't really be all that bad. Seems like he is giving you excuses rather then reason, what'd you think?? Another question I have, is why are you the one living in fear if he is breaking up with you? I thought relationships were built around trust.. not fear. And since when is a great thing when you no longer say you don't love one another?? Sounds to me that you need to re-evalute your situation.

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Thank you i know exactly what you are trying to say, but when we told eachother that we loved eachother we were both under the influence and it was something that we didnt mean, we both agree that we are too young (im 18 hes 17) to be saying those kinds of things. Now he is the kind of guy that NEEDS to be with his friends, at least a few times a week, like hes afraid of being "whipped", the reason i want to be with him is because he is so good to me he buys me flowers, takes me out for dinner, you know the usual, but when he broke up with me the 2 times it came out of nowhere, i just dont want that to happen again

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