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i get attached with girls too quickly v.serious problem

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aight...so i broke up with my gf of 7months on wednesday. and saturday, i met someone at the club, her and i really clicked and had a great time together. i ended up taking her home and having sex with her (she was a virgin too ). problem is, shes from out of state (6hours away). we hang out last night for the last time and she left today..... now i feel sad and missed her alot. i dont even miss my ex gf i actually missed her more.



im debating if a 6hr drive each way is worth it and even pursue this little fling. she told me that next time she's gonna be here is around december.



(cliff with exgf: we barely hang out and didnt really get along)




has this ever happened to anyone?

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Well, only if every night was as well as that one, right?

I think that you and her connected really well.. obvioiusly if you already took her home. I also think that the "sex" gave you some sort of attachment feeling right from the get go. You pretty much are experiencing something for the first time for a long while.. your experiencing something NEW in your life, and it was something you have longed for, for awhile according to your comment you made about your ex g/f. If you want to pursue it, then by all means do it.. but remember the hassle and difficulties you can get yourself into by having her away for so long, etc.

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If you like her, go for it. People shouldn't be afraid of long distance relationships. You have to take things at a different pace and there are unique hurdles to jump, and skills to learn, but 6 hours? that's nothing. I know married couples where on spouse lives in NY and the other in LA.

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