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okay.. sounds a bit too brief.. when did you have sex? the sporadic bleeding sounds more like a period..


you know your "cherry has popped" when you have a penis(or finger etc) inside your vagina.. that's all i can give you sweetie


and if it was internal bleeding you'd be bruised from neck to breakfast, so don't worry



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when you were 8 years old and you were on your brothers bike and your foot slipped and you hit the bar that goes accross....


haha, i doubt that would actually do that since your hymen is inside, but this seriously happened to me and my mom said she was so scared cause I was bleeding alot.

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Did you recently have sex for the first time? Could you have injured yourself in someway?


Do you have cramping up??? If you were internally bleeding honey, you'd be cramping up in pain.


It may be your "cherry" some people bleed, some people don't. I didn't... probably due to many years of Horse Back Riding.


If you start cramping up really bad, you need to tell someone and you need to get medical attention.


Is there someone you can talk to? Your mother??? An Aunt? someone older??


Its probably ok sweetheart... just relax. If you start bleeding alot, watch for signs of cramping and fever. And if that happens then you need to tell someone right away.


Don't know what part of the country you are form or what part of the country if US. But look in the yellow pages for "Family Planning" or "Planned Parenthood"... they are a really good resource for young ladies. Everything is confidential. You do not have to give them your real name..and they will protect your identity. They can help answer any questions...and even set you up for an appointment to get checked. They are a NON PROFIT organization... so don't worry too much if you do not have the money.


Since you have become sexually active. It would be a good idea to go see them anyway. They can help you with Contraceptives to make sure you do "NOT" get pregnant... or get and "STD's".


Knowledge is power. And you need to protect yourself. So make sure you call someone and get yourself protected. OK???

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Well my b/f was fingering me really roughly with his whole finger and his nails wern't cut but they were still a bit "sharp" is it possible he could have cut inside of me?? The incident happened today around 3 and now it is lightly bledding but very faint with some sort of whitich "jelly" like substance coming out..

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Yes... he could have scratched you. The white substance could just be your own "juices". Your body will do its best to repair itself.


I still suggest you make an appointment with "planned parenthood"

If you haven't had sex then... it may be immenant, so forwarned is forarmed.



And get your boyfriend to cut his nails. Make sure he has clean hands and fingernails.... you don't need any bacterial infections up there.

keep it clean.


I hate to sound like a MOM... But its advice I'd give to my own daughter... or anyone else your age.

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Thanks for the advice but I really can't confinde in my family so I should really give Planned Parenting a call... I'm not cramping real bad but I think I am a bit soar in the crotch area......is that normal? I'm just real nervous about the whole situation but thank you so much and to Ready or not i have actually doen that as a child too but i never bled...lol

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Well you don't sound like my mom.. mor elike a close friend... lol. So with "Planned Parenthood" what do they do exactally? Give you a check up..or what? I should really se ethem since I freak out so much about pregnancy.... Maybe I should just make my b/f carry hand sanatizer around for now on..lol but thanks again "mom" j/k

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Just a word of warning, if your bf is fingering you, make sure he washes his hands thouroughly first and give him some nail clippers! Have him trim those bad boys back so they are nice and short and smooth, no rough edges!


Also, pick up some lubrication at CVS or Walgreens. KY Jelly, or Wet, or something similar, water based lubricant.


You need to be careful because you can get an infection this way, and that's no fun, and not an easy place to treat an infection.


Yowch sweetie! That hurts!

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"Planned Parenthood" would be a great idea. Because they will talk to you about STD's, what they are, and how you can get them. They'll also talk to you about pregnancy and prevention.


If you choose to go on contraceptives. They will give you a pelvic exam. Just like a gyno would. And even take a culture to make sure you don't have any STD's currently. They can put you on the pill... and you can also get condoms from them. Just because you're on the pill... don't think you are home free... use a condom.


Planned parenthood can also do pregancy checks and help you should you become pregnant. They offer counseling about what your options might be.


They are totally confidential. If they need to call you to leave you a message...lets say your "pap" smear comes in positive...then they'll just say CAROL called. Its code. Or they may have devised a different method where you can contact them for test results.


I don't know if they have a website.. but you might want to check it out.


And yeah.... make sure your BF washes his hands and has clean nails... you don't want any nasty infections. If he's got cruddy stuff under his nails... do him a favor and tell him. Guys lack education too... I know my guy didn't know a darn thing about periods or had vague knowledge of the workings of a female body.


You might want to talk to your boyfriend about his roughness... he may not realize or know.. he's going by your responses, and if you don't tell him, "YO... darlin..that hurts..ease up cowboy"...he's going to keep doing what he thinks is giving you pleasure..and a good time will not be had by all. LOL... and if you say it that way adding an endearment or two, he won't feel too threatened, but probably appreciate the coaching.


Agree with last poster about buying lubricant. Stay away from Vaseline or babyoil... you need something water soluable like KY or Astal Glide or some such. Granted these maybe hard to chamaflage at home...so don't think you can get away with vaseline. Vasleline holds bacteria in...and you will get a nasty infection.


Call planned parenting... and they can answer any an all questions like these. The dr. I had was really nice. And was able to answer my questions. Their there to help you make educated choices and transition into the adult world. Why do it the hard way.

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Thanks for explaining what the "Planned Parenthood" program was Shadow Light. It really sounds like a place I should visit and become ed-u-ma-cated about all this terrifying stuff.. j/k but i'll make sure I find one around me


And Weirdo, I wont slap my b/f ... I'll PULVERIZE HIM! j/k lol but I probably had some part in it... but it'd still be fun to slap him ;P Thanks for the idea though ;D..


Hope75 thanks for the tip on lubricant I'll keep that in mind in the future when I am ready for the "The Deed"


.....but back on the subject of "popping the cherry" How long does it usually bleed and I still have the shiny liquid substane... is that normal?

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