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Sore All Over? STD?

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I had sex last night with my partner/fiance and it was alot more rougher and aggressivly domineering than usual, but i wasn't actually cooperative or reacting to it, mainly becuase i was more interested in it just being over with as i wasn't really in the mood.


Now im in complete agony and i'm finding my nipples to be extremely sore aswell as my vagina. Not only that, but my whole body aches as a whole and i'm not reacting to any pain killers or medication i've taken. I've also been sick and am coming up with a sore throat too and i didn't partake in any oral that eveing.


I've never experinced such severe and distressing pains and been so sick before from forceful sex.


I was feeling a bit off before we done it, but not so discomforting that i couldn't actually go along with having sex alone.


Could an STD possibly fit into any of this?


Are any of the symptoms i have capable of being caused due to something like that ?


I've never been related or had an STD before, and the last time i asked, my partner confirmed that he was clean, and we have been together for almost over 2 years.


I'm also worried now becuase i feel that maybe my fiance has been unfaithful.


Is that the only way they could have been transmitted to him if does have any?

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If you notice any unusual discharge or itchiness down there, or it's painful while urninating then is a good sign that you have an infection going on.


However, since you mentioned that you felt off prior, to having sex, you might have already been sick & the sex could've exhausted your body further. Who know's you may have come down with a cold.


In the meantime get plenty of rest, fluids/water. And if it seems to worsen as time passes with a high temperature or other signs of an infection that I mentioned above, then you should go seek medical attention.

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I don't believe you would experience such a quick reaction to any STD's that I know of.


I have heard of people getting the flu right after being exposed to the HIV virus, but it's rare.


Just wait a few days to see if anything develops.


If your really concerned, I believe planned parenthood has free testing in many cities.

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Woah. You are jumping way ahead of yourself hun. Just because you hurt all over the day after rough sex does not mean your man has cheated or that you have an STD. It just means that your body does not like being pounded. You were not really that into sex as you say so 1. You were not turned on thus you were not producing lubricant, and 2. you sound as if you were nonresponsive to what he was doing so it would make the roughness even rougher.


Dont jump to conclusions like "I have an STD" after something like that. An STD usually takes its time showing up so you probably would not know the morning after.


Quick question. Why would you still let your partner have sex with you if you were not into it? You could have said that you just were not in the mood.


Anyway, take care of yourself...rest and drink lots of fluids...sounds like you have a bit of a cold anyway.



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Hmm...sore and achy after rough and aggressive sex? Sounds kinda related to me.


You and your partner should get tested regularly for all STD's anyway- obviously that is the only way you will know for sure. Did you bf confirm that he is clean by showing you all the test results for STD's that he has taken or did he just tell you that he is fine?


Most of the common STD's don't yield the symptons that you described. Herpes can be accompanied by some flu-like symptoms, but since it is a viral infection that affects part of the nervous sytem, it would expose itself as sores, blisters or a rash.


Regardless, I think it's related to your body getting unexpectedly pounded. See a doctor if it persists and to verify that you do or don't have any STD's.

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Take the advice of those here... it's not a STD. This guy just simply abused your vaginal area and your body for the lack of a better term. I once had sex with my ex-gf 8x in one day, and she loved every minute of it. However, the next day she was so sore "inside" her vagina as well as on her inner thighs that it actually was painful to penetrate her, and she had trouble walking straight. I'm not bragging, but I'm just saying it sounds like a night of rough sex just got to you a bit too much.

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Drink Plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest. You probaby have come down with a virus, cold or flu...and had it before you had sex. The sex just depleted you of your energy. And if you weren't into it... then you were probably "dry" so that would explain all the vaginal soreness accompanied by all your other symtoms.


It's probably too early for an STD to show up. Theres an incubation time... I'm sure. As with all other infections.


Go give yourself a hot bath in some epsom salt. To relax sore muscles... take some tylenol or the like.. drink lots of water or juice and go to bed. Get a good nights sleep...You'll feel better by tomorrow morning.


If in doubt... call "planned parenthood" they are a great source of information. And will be better to help you and protect you from "STD's"


Next time... use a CONDOM. I can't stress that enough. Protect yourself so you don't fall into this doubt again.

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I'm a little concerned why you allowed this rough sex to go on if you weren't in the mood and your partner was being forceful. Is this a typical thing with him?


Do you feel comfortable saying no to him when you aren't in the mood?

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