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What am I to think about this?

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Hi everyone my ex and I broke up on Friday evening. Well we broke up on good terms no one was yelling and screaming like a fool.


Well over the weekend she wrote me an email with a poem in it. In this email only contained a poem and nothing else. I wrote back to her telling her that she is not the only one in hell.


Now I have this nagging feeling like she will contact me and I dont know if I should get my hopes up. I mean the poem did not say she was coming back but, it was a general statement about her feelings. I dont know what her motivation was in sending it to me. Ladies what do you think I am so lost now.


Please help out a guy in need please!

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To {name removed},


The third of July, late into the night.

Now it is my turn to sit down and write.

So much has happened; no clue where to start.

But here I sit, suffering from a broken heart.

The tears fill my eyes, as I lie here with thoughts of you.

Despite my decision, I am missing you too.


So many memories flood my tortured mind.

Everything I do or see reminds me of the good times.

I know these things are hard and friends say, "this too shall pass,"

But I thought our love was true; I thought our love would last.


But so many times, you left me hurt and confused.

I felt angry or sad, frustrated and used.

As hard as we tried, we could not get things right.

We would yell and scream, and end up in another fight.


Aside from the fighting, we were just very different.

Both unique and stubborn, we didn't share any interests.

I want the "More" that you can't seem to give.

I want to experience life; I want to live.

I couldn't be the girl that you needed me to be.

I couldn't "fit" into your life; simple, content and sweet.


It seems as if you never really knew the real me;

All of my hopes and desires, and the dreams in which I believe.

And just maybe, I didn't understand the real you;

Your thoughts and goals you wanted to pursue.

But my mind told me it was time to fly;

Despite my heart begging me to continue to try.

Maybe "we" just weren't meant to be;

Maybe fate has other plans for You and Me.


Longing for one more touch, one more sweet embrace.

I miss your skin, your lips-- how you taste.

Wanting--so bad-- for you to hold me tight;

Wanting to be with you, for just one more night.

Lost and Confused, like my world is upside down;

Thoughts spinning in my head, 'round & 'round.


Love is a game, but someone has changed the rules;

All of us players-- some pawns and some just fools.

They say time is a healer of wounds of the heart.

Only time will tell if we are meant to be apart.



-{name removed}

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I wrote her back as soon as I read her poem. I was so touched by it that I had to write her back to address some of the lines in the poem that bothered me. Here is what I wrote to her I hope I did not screw up things by doing it. DOH!

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Sounds like you guys did alot of fighting and weren't able to accept each other as is. Would this be accurate?


Sometimes it's better to end something even if you do love one another if you can't can't seem to find a way to accept each other for who you are, and get along and relate to one another.


No one wants to spend their lives fighting with someone they love.

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To be honest with you we fought but, I did not think it was too much actually I tought it was healthy. I mean it is not healthy to agree on everything and to get along all of the time.


She has been emailing me all day long at this point I dont get what she is doing. To be totally honest with you all she did say that she is confused and does not know what to do. Her head (logic) says one thing and the heart says another. She is killing me with all this confusion and to be totally honest I have a say in all this also. Which I may add, I am getting a little annoyed at this whole situation to the point of I feel it is time to walk away.


As I said I dont know what to do I am so confused by her actions it makes no sense to me. What should I do now? Should I wait for her to figure out what she wants or should I start to proceed with movin on?

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Hey there, Its sounds like there is an awful lot of love between the two of you and alot of confusion too.


I would agree to start going out meeting new people, As she said in her poem if it is meant to be then it will be and as you said you are getting quite annoyed with her confusion, Im one all too well that knows how hard it can be to walk away from one you love or think you love


But if you do want to try to work things out with her, i think you both need to sit down and see if you can reach a compromise about the things that you wish to get out of life and see if you can come to an agreement between the two of you without raising voices or being quick to judge or put each other down, Listen to what each other has to say and see if you can work it out from there.


Good luck to you.

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You sound like you are in the same position I am. My guy wants space and he wants to go have his fun and not worry about hurting me along the way. He thinks we have a future but he wants nothing to do with me right now. How can you have a future if you don't have something now? But I'm trying to give him what he wants to show him that i care. I am giving him his space hoping he finds that he messed up and needs me as well. The poem she wrote is saying she is hurting...who wouldn't everyone misses that person after a break up. And she just needs some space to figure out if you are what she wants. If she gets over you in the near future she will know it wasn't meant to be. If she thinks about you constatly for who knows how long it will take 1 2 maybe even 6 months from now then she will realize she messed up and yeah it may be to late..you may have moved on. Which then you know it wasn't meant to be but who knows maybe you will still be waiting and when she comes back it will be amazing!

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