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My gf and i broke up,and i love her too much need advice

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first i have to say this is a great forum,


I have a long - distance relationship,we've been going out for 4 or 5 months.i got to say long distance relationships are very hard,seems like i have to give everything double,trust,love,hope.


ok,here is the problem.everything was fine for the first 2 months.but then her love for me seemed to fade away.i stayed online all day for the purpose that i will be always here for her.when she was in school she called me and all that .and when i called her she sounded happy and exited we were talking but then everything started to be a problem.from the beggining we talked about her ex-bf.but now seems odd we talk about him,he was older than her and the first of everything .


well summer came/school finished,she started going to the pool

was fine at first,but then every day she started going to that pool,and i missed her.i noticed that our communication as couple was getting weaker and weaker.i told her but she kinda didnt care,i cant remember what she said exacly but i got the feeling she didnt care and if i tried to talk about something she said that she have done that before and she is not doing it again(for example-feel deeply in love,getback after a break up,or think of a boyfriend or boy too much) when she told me that i felt that im not enough,i must say im kinda jealous in a way but is that i dont trust nobody and i protect alot but i dont pass my limits,i want her to be some way that maybe she dont want to because her love isnt enough or that shes not really looking for a serious relationship as i do and as i view ours.we still young im 17 shes 16.im not really loonking at life to have sex have fun before getting into a relationship,i wanna be old and be proud to say she is the person i know most.shes very friendly and i like that about her,but there are guys that say things to her and she like to flirt.she goes to partys knowing im online wating for her because i need to talk to her or because i have something to say,she goes to proms,more partys,probably night clubs for teens.i really dont like that and specially in a long distance relation ship and she treating me the way she does.she doesnt tell me she loves me anymore voluntary,i ask her to tell me she loves me.and i have so many thoughts in mind that hurts to say and that hurts to have them,and i always cry just thinking of them.i cant talk to her about them because she always gets ofended and we get in a argument.she doesnt understand the reasons or why.she doesnt try to make me happy she just say she doesnt and thats it and in my opinion thats not good because i try to make her happy .well one day i saw photos of her in the pool with a guy playing and seriously they were not kissing but i dont want a guy hugging her in a pool with literally no clothes.i havent been with her like that why another guy can? and that bothers me.and if i talk to her about it of my values of a women,of what i expect she always get in a defensive mode,saying that i dont trust her or that if i think shes going to sleep with all of them. and we cant really talk about it.well back to the photos i saw one of those photos that hit me and made me crazy for the night i was crying like a babyand i said things i really dont remember and i broke up with her. 4 mins after i broke up with her i said im sorry i want to be back ..i felt like i said something i will regret.but not has been like 3 or 4 weeks and she still thinking about getting back with me and that has me fustrated. i ask her and ask her and she still dont have an answer.she says shes single and she meets boys that has my hopes down.why cant she forgive me if she loves me how she says she does?. sorry about my english is not very good if anyone has advice or questions please ..

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