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How do i know if a guy likes me

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ok firslty details please. is there a guy that you want or are you just asking on the of chance that you might see someone. Age is anouther big help as you get older the rules of negagment change. Lastly a few details about yourself so we can see how they view you.


thanks get back to you in a bit

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well hes a bit taller than me hes 14 and so am i he stares a lot at me and he like to tell me anything but he says that his best friend is a guy named germy but i dont know if he like me or not but i just want to know i wouldnt go out with a guy

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oh and he like to make sex jokes at me when me a couple of his friends joke about him cuz we had put all our names in a computer to see how big our penis sizes are and his came out 1 inch so we make fun of him but he goes straight for me with his jokes

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he also works out and one day he came up to me and he told me he got a belly button ring so people started woundering about him and a lot of girls at school asked him out and i mean these were girls that i would kill to go out wit so im really confused about him right know and i dont wanna ask him if hes gay or not cuz i dont wana make him feel bad or anything

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ok so see how much of this i got. you are both 14, you think he likes you, by the way he is acting, and lots of people think that he is gay. soz but i must have missed it, are you straight, gay, or bi?


one thing though he does seem to have an intrest in you. also when a guy gets his belly pierced, well put it like this he could not be more obviously gay. so just clear a few things up for me what is you prefrence, and what do you hope to get out of this.

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im straight im just wondering bout hime cuz a lot of people have been and they want me to get as much info out of him as i can but i really dont wanna tell them but i still wanna know about him just not without hurting him

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ok well if he has a belly piercing then he probably is gay. My best advice is to get him by himeself and take to him about what kind of girls he likes. he should if he is gay say that he likes fairly guy like girls. listen to the hints that he gives you. If you want to and you have a good friendship then you could try to just talk to him, ask him out right. ask him if he thinks that he can trust you, if he says yes just ask him if he is gay, say you have been wondering about the way he behaves sometimes.

This is a very sensetive topic so all i can do is wish you the best, if you can think of anything else that he has done that you think is suspecious then i might be able to give you a better idea of if he is gay or not.

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