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Which author do you like and why?

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Whether it's novel, spiritual, self-help, leadership, business, sci-fic, audiobook etc etc... Which author or which book in particular do you like best and why?


Personally, I like Business books & language books mainly because it's very motivational & inspirational. Out of the many leadership books, i like zig ziglar, jim rohn, chris widener best. I like anthony robbins as well, and brian tracy is pretty good too.


What about you guys?

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I like mystery noir novels. My favorite author is George P Pelecanos. My favorite books by him include: Shame The Devil, The Sweet Forever, King Suckerman, and Right As Rain. I have yet to find another author who has mastered the art of character development so well. The characters in his books not only come alive, they seem real. I like reading these types of books because they help me escape from everyday reality which can be a good thing when your stressed out.

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I absolutely love At Home in the World by Joyce Maynard. First of all she helped me to heal during a very painful breakup with that book. Also, in my opinion she is the best writer I have ever come accross.


I also love Barbara Kingsolver although I have not read her thicker books.


In general I read a ton.


I like true crime sometimes, too.


another book I loved was the Prizewinner of Defiance Ohio. It is about a woman in the fifties who wins contests. It is a true story.

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Not quite a novel author, but Robert Frost is a favorite of mine. I love his work! I actually got to meet him once when he visited here a while back. I don't write poetry much anymore, but I enjoy reading his stuff.


Aside from him, Albert Murray. He has written some great autobiographies of famous musicians, especially in jazz.


JR Tulkein or however you spell it for Lord of the Rings is another favorite of mine.


I haven't read much of anything lately but these would be my favs.

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I LOVE books written by Tibetan budhist monks. I'm really bad at finishing books that I buy, but so far, I love reading books about the Dalai Lama. I am dying to meet that man! Anyhow, I find that Tibetan Budhism books are very inspirational. They offer a very rational & introspective way to look at life.


Besides that, I LOVE reading Hemmingway. Unfortunately, the only books I actually finished reading from Hemmingway is the Sun Also Rises and a Farewell to Arms.


Other things that I find are cool are books on kokology. Bought a few a couple of months ago. You should check it out.


Other things that are enjoyable to read- at least for me it is, cook books. It's cool to mix & match what each culinary artist has to say. That's how you pick up on different creative flavors that satisfy your pallette. Other than cook books, I would also like to read up more on personal finance books. Anyway, nice topic!

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I practically live at the library so I can say I do my fair share of reading.

I go through non-fiction books like crazy. Whether it is computer books, self-help, or travel. I am addicted to learning facts. I can't say I have a favorite author for these.


With novels I tend to like fantasy and horror, and books that are sad or depressing. I can't say I have one favorite author but many. Anne Rice with the vampire themes is one of my favorites because her ability to make me feel for these vampires that are doomed to a haunting life of painful beauty. Another one is J.R.R. Tolkien. His LOTR was what got me into fantasy in the first place, and The Silmarillion was one of the best epic novels i've read besides Njals Saga.


I am glad you posted this topic, Spirit's Away, but I'm surprised there aren't more responses as well.

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Ok, so I am a book-junkie and I will suggest the following list:




* The curious incident of the dog at the night time-- Mark Haddon

Life from the perspective of a wise autistic boy. Incredibly well-written and funny.

* The secret history-- Donna Tartt

Intruiging, a more-than-once-reader for me. Read it like 20 times. It's my personal tradition to read it every Christmas, have no idea as to why.

* Coraline-- Neil Gaiman

This is the most scary book I have ever read. Unputdownable, so to say.

* Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy-- Douglas Adams

Need I explain why?

* Small Gods/Reaper Man/and lots more-- Terry Pratchett

Just read Terry Pratchet-- Small Gods is one of my favs.

* The Lord of the Rings the BOOK -- J.R. Tolkien

Forget the movie if you saw that first, and let free your own imagination about life on Middle Earth.

* 'n Ander Land (Another Country, translated from Afrikaans)-- Karel Schoeman

I have a passion for South Africa, and read this exceptional work in highschool. There are no words to describe this novel. It's better to describe this in terms of 'atmosphere'-- silence, end of life, re-found peace, loneliness but not in the bad way necessarily.


Ok let's stop as far as the novels go now.


The greatest book for personal development, especially from a background of anxiety disorders/depression is:


* Reinventing your Life-- Klosko&Young

This book is the fundament of cognitive behavioural therapy, I recommend this to anyone who needs practical clues to alter the negative automatic thoughts that keep us down in anxiety/depression.



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