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i can't handle feeling like this anymore, nothing is right..

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i can't handle this i need someone to talk to i've been so stupid my ex came home and i went and visited him and everything was fine but then i ended up staying the nifght and then i did the stupidest thing of all i read his txts to and from this other girl that i know

they're not supose to be anything but the txts were all like ' i miss you so much i wish i was with you right now holding you muah xoxoxoxoxo'


its not fair i know hes not mine but i can't handle these feelings i just want to be over him already i hate feeling like this i hate knowing that i still care about him and he doesn't care about anything to do with me (he told me so) i hate this i hate it im not strong enough to deal with these feelings anymore

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It always takes time to get over someone. How long has it been since you two broke up? Perhaps, the fact that he's found someone to move on with, and you havn't may also be a reason for this anger you've been experiencing. Try to hang out with someone new, and limit your contact with him. Next time, if you don't want to get hurt with what you learn, don't go around snooping through his messeges and such.

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i know... thats the thing i know i shouldn't do these things coz i know they'll hurt me but i can never help myself........ we broke up like 9mnths ago which is ages i should be over him but we've been living in the same hal for the last 4 mnths......


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I'm sorry you are going through this, but you will heal and move on. You just have to stay strong for now. You have to take small steps to get there. Start by not spending anymore nights with him...and gradually move into not speaking to him that much if at all.


Chin up girl!

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Believe me it is never easy gettng over someone, especially when you've been together for a long time. Frankly, no contact works best. But then again, it is not easy to do nor maintain. Start small....perhaps, gradually decreasing the amout of time you spend with him. Hang out with ur friends....get out there and go out with someone. You don't have to seriously date, just test the waters. You may just strike gold and find someone better

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Well, you can start by not reading his text messages to and from this girl. Sure, you can be aware that she is there, just don't try to find out about the intricate details! It always hurts.


I think you just need to distance yourself for a while, as much as you can. Just fill your time with other things, and soon enough, you'll stop missing him so much. I find it always hurts me to be anywhere near my ex, because so many things remind me of what I'm missing. I can however, talk to him online.


He's probably gone through this process quicker than you because he's gone and got himself another girl. It's distracting him, which for him is a good thing. It helps his healing process. Anyway, all in all, get yourself out there, date other people, and be happy. You could live without him and be happy perfectly well before you dated him right?

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yea thats the thing he was my first serious b/f my first everything...... my personality is obviuosly one that doens't let go very easy or something.....

but its 2 late ive hurt myself beyond repair at the moment.....

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My ex broke up with me about three months ago, and I was still very much in love with her, we'd been together for two and a half years, so I know what you're going through. She was with someone two weeks after, and the thought of her with someone else was pretty hard to deal with. But whenever you think of him with someone else, or him for that matter, just stop yourself from thinking those thoughts. Say 'cancel' every time it comes into your mind. You may have to say it over and over at times but gradually it works, it has worked for me. Also, dont sell yourself short! You do have the strength to deal with this! It may be the hardest thing you ever have to go through, but you will be so much stronger for it. Remind yourself of all the good things about yourself whenever you feel down. Spend this time well on the most important person in the world.........YOU! Have no contact with him at all. Dont go looking for someone else, I'm sure a better lad will come into your life down the track when you least expect it, one that deserves you! Be strong, you have everything within you to handle everything life throws at you!

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i think also one thing that gets to me and im not sure why is that im scared of losing him altogether.. im scared that if i stop contact with him that's it i'll never see or hear from him again, but i know thats stupid because i should only want to be friends with people who want to be friends with me and who make the effort same as i do, and if he doesn't care to make that effort then why do i want him in my life?


......because i still care about him......

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