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Hi guys, I fell kind of silly asking this, but here it goes:


I recently moved into a month long sublet which is literally right around the corner from a local park. As a result I've been spending wuite a bit of my free time there reading, people watching, or just relaxing. Anyway, I see a fair amount of attractive women there, many of whom seem to be on there own. My problem is that I'd like to approach some of them, but never feel like I have anything to say. I alwayts feel like I'd be interrupting them or bothering them, even when i can see they're not doing anything? Any suggestions?




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Just say, hi, and smile! You don't have to say anything perfectly witty or clever. I always find it incredibly endearing when a guy tries to awkwardly start a conversation at the park, gym, etc (unless they are wearing that trenchcoat). If the woman blows you off or is rude, who cares, you'll never see her again. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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