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wow....this guy really is a winner!

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ok...haha wow....how do i even say it. Eddie ditched me again, well I dont know for sure yet if he did, we talked yesterday and he told me he was gonna come up to talk to me, and he never called or came yet! Its 6, theres still time...but I dout he'll come! Hes not pickin up his phone, and im so mad! Why do i put up with it? I cant walk awayy

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You will walk away when you've had enough.


Most men will respect a woman who shows them that she will not tolerate mistreatment. This is the type of girl they fall for, the one they care about and protect like no other.


You are this girl too, you just need to place a higher value on yourself and your time.

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I get so mad, he could be so nice then he gets all mad all of a sudden. Yesterday he told me he would rather be friends, best friends then not to have me st all, and I was ok with that, but im not gonna tolerate a friend thats lies

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You will walk away, who knows when - you will walk away though.

There is a time when enoughis enough and you just walk away and never look back.


What you are feeling is just natural. Just remember, there is no timer on when enough is enough - it just happens.

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the thing is, I am fallin in love with him, and the way I see it now is...life is way to short to stop talking to the one you love. I mean he does some real nasty things....but I cant make him change. I am way confused right now, and I dont want to give up on him....we fight alot, sayin alot of nasty things but we always make up.....grrrr

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I've heard girls say " he treats me like dirt, but I love him" Someone that loves you doesn't treat you that way. They respect you and take care of you. You're right though, you can't change him, you can only change yourself. At some point you may realize that there is more bad times then good times in this relationship and want out.

Until then you will tolerate what you can handle. I'm just sorry that you are hurting so much...


Nothing will change until YOU change

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Hurtwou, I dated a guy like your bf once. I love him deeply and all I ever wanted was for him to love me. He said he "loved" me, but he never had time for me, would break promises, hit on my best friends, belittle my intelligence, and pick fights with me. Long story short, it didn't matter how much I really loved him. It mattered how much he failed to love me.


I didn't give up on my "Eddie" until he nearly destroyed me. I hope you realize that you deserve better without having to go through any more pain than necessary. I hope you know that the way he's behaving has nothing to do with how beautiful you are (inside and out) or how much you love him. If Eddie is unreliable and deliberately hurtful, it's all about "Eddie" ok?

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