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what to do next????

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Me and my gf were having collisions in our relationship from the start of this year... it was about her being with a guy (i live in a diff. city) who became her friend but i came to know that he isnt good.


Anyway, we were having a lot of fights till now when a month and a half before she said that she also wanted to do things and feel solid in this world and do things which will make her parents proud... after hearing this I was very very happy as i am also gone out of the city for my studies and after hearing that she is also too much interested in building her career seriously i was very excited....


then after that we didnt had a talk for more than a month until day before yesterday (she had gone out of the country with her family). Well now when I called her she was sad cuz her sister was having a bf and used to talk to him by unfair means (when her parents were out... this really made her sad watching her sister do this to the family) and as she was leaving the city for going to a B school in a few days she was preety sad and sort of angry.



I called her up 3 days back and was just asking bout the trip, telling her how i missed her and told her that i wanted to talk (i wanted to talk about how we should just stop fighting and concentrate on our career).. but she said that she needed to talk to.. on asking her about what she said that she doesnt look up to ourselves as she used to look before. and said that this all just gets both of us very worried and tensed.

now i dont know the reason for her thinking like this but i guess its because she wants to b something b someone make her career.



Since then i am trying to contact her by calling her at her house but she says that she cant talk right now cuz her parents are around etc stuff.


I have only 2 dreams --

1) fulfill my duties towards my family

2) taking care of that gal


now i just want to ask that she does whatever she wants to fulfill her parents dreams etc but can i wait for her --- i m 16 and i am talking bout things which are 8 yrs from now.... but all i really want to ask her is only this that can i wait for her.... pls tell me something

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I would just stop trying to contact her. I am most certain that when she is ready to talk she will contact you. She has decisin and things gong on in her life, it is too bad that she isnt discussing them with you though. You would feel more valued i am sure. let her be a closed book for a while and try to focus on your #1 goal (family duties) and your own school.

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