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don't want to feel this way!

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7 months ago i met a girl, we talked everyday for weeks. then it ended. turns out that she was talking to someone else and it took off.

it ended after a few weeks because her ex came back and wanted her back. then that did not work out either, who did she call?

yes, me. and i started to hang out with her, she wanted my friendship, but she knew how i felt. we have been hanging out for 3 months, no sex or any major physical contact. we have both said and done things that would make anyone watching think that we like each other. then she backed off a lot. i tripped out. i spoke my mind and it had caused more of a gap.

she went from calling me everyday to sometimes 2 or more days, yes i could call her, but come on............i like her , she knows it. it is in her court. i treat her really nice, flowers, dinners, gifts.

now she had been making a point of how we are friends and not together.

i guess i should just let go. she mentioned that the ex calls her and it hurt to hear that. i think that she is seeing him, this would crush me.

i really put myself out there for this.

there are so many other things that have been said and done between us that would give more insight, but whatever.

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