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I'm afraid I'll never find love and scared to death I will!

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This is another "Bad Boys" topic, yep, another one. However this one is slightly different as I think I'm actually going through "the stage".

There is a guy, a guy who would probably fall within the "Bad Boy" category, who smokes and hangs out with a crowd I never bother to associate with because I'm not into being a smoking rebel. However he /is/ attractive and paid minor attention to me and since then I've been partially hooked.

I feel naive for saying it, but sometimes I feel like maybe he is a nice guy, after all, I don't really know him. On the other hand I know that I cannot change him and he'd probably be a bad influence on me, hurting me in the end, so I'm scared to think that maybe I like him.


Has anyone felt like this, or had personal experience before? What's a girl to do?

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Yes I've gone through that before and so has my cousin. It really all depends on who the guy is. I mean he could be a really nice guy, a really really nice guy, and no one would thinkt that because of who he is hanging out with, but even the people that he is hanging out with could be nice people. I smoke once in a while with friends, and I do other things too and Im not at all in a bad "girl" catagory, so he could just be Idk doing what he would call fun, or hanging out.

On the other hand, if he is tryign to come off as a bad boy it might not be a good idea to get mixed up with him.

"BUT" I wouldn't make any assumptions until you actually get to know him a little bit better. seriously I've thought someone was one way for years and then I get to know them and was totally wrong, also right about a few, but No one can really know until they really try to meet and hang out with the person some.

I say if you like him just get to know him as friends frist and see if he is an ok person for your taste (whatever that may be) to hang out with.

about the finding love thing, eh don't worry so much about that yet, you have forever for that. some people don't find it until they are 40 or 50 and some find it as early as 13, it all depends.

good luck.


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I think I'm more scared about the type of influence it'd have on me. I'm happy with who I am now, and I know that everyone changes, even if it's just a little, when they are in a relationship, so I'm scared that I'll change for the worse. But at the same time I feel really naïve for thinking that everyone must have a bit of good in them and that maybe I'd be a good influence on /him/ and /he'd/ change for the better.

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Believe me. If you ever do get with him -- you'll be the one who changes, not him, and it'll be for the worse. Its sort of sad, one of the things that attracts us to "bad boys" is the fact that we think we can change them -- but we cant and your heart will just end up getting broken.

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