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hi, this is almost the same as a post i made earlier, but theres a small difference. i posted the day before the last day of school, as i was trying to get myself pumped the night before the last day of school. this is what happened there. link removed . anyways, that night, she went online, and was the only one on my list, i needed an outline for the test, so i was going to ask her, i simply typed "hi" and was going to ask the question when she quickly started a friendly conversation non related to school. i was blown away, all that time i was so nervous, and all i had to say was "hi"! anyways, i got real excited and was thinking about asking her to see each other during the summer the next day, but when i got there, it was back to square one, she said hi and all, but the convo wasnt long, and it did seem good at all. mind you, she is shy also, but i was kind of excited about the whole thing. anyways i didnt have the courage to do it, and now ive been kicking myself since summer started. i think that now weve had a fairly long convo on msn (weve had some before, just never this long...like 1.5 hours this time), that it might be ok to email her, im just tired of never even letting the girl know i like her, i want to do it just to get over that landmark u know... anyways, i was just wondering if given the circumstances, that wouldnt be awkward. thanx, hope that was understandable...lol.

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Well if you talk to her on MSN sometimes then why not ask her to hang out with you some time? Doesn't have to be anything serious but maybe you guys could have a good time and then later on you can go in for the kiss. You kill two birds with one stone that way. You tell her through kissing that you want her and two you get to enjoy the kisses. If she backs away when you try to go for the kiss, then sorry but move on. I'm not a big fan of telling a girl that I like her. I just show it through my actions (i.e. kissing).

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o ya, i forgot to mention that she hardly ever goes on msn, she was on for studying that nite, other than that its completely random, so it might be tonight, and it might be in a month, i dont know, thats why im thinking the email


Just do it man ... she will know where you got the email address from so it's all good. Although it would be nice if you were able to ask her out in person but looks like you won't be able to. Maybe you can ask if she works somewhere so that you can drop by and talk to her there.


I would personally just find another girl though. There are always others.

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