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uhh...please help...??

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ok well, i like this boy and he had told me that he liked me...but he has a gf...i dont know if hes lieing...or if he really likes me. He keeps sayin hes gonna break up with his gf...but i dont want to be mean like that.... and like i said i like him alot!! any help....??? you can send me a message....

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I wouldnt get between this guy and his girlfriend. He also doesnt sound like a very loyal boyfriend either. Think about it; do you really want a guy who'll tell the next girl he likes he'll break up with his gf, and that gf is you?

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My little sister is doing this to this poor little girl and her mean boyfriend right now. the boy seems nice, but *beep* I mean as my mom has said to my sister if he is going behind his current gfs back like that and treating her like that then who says he wont do the same thing right back to the next girl you know?????

I would get out of the situation and not push him into breaking up with this girl, karma will come right back. Move on and find someone who treats grils better then that.

good luck.


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