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kinda getting scared....

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ok i think im pregnant and i have taken a test and it was negitive but i have a yest infection and a tract infection and i heard that can cause a negitive pregnancy test result...does anybody know if thats true?...and if i am pregnant can my infection harm the baby in anyway?...please help i cant stop thinking about it

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That is possible, although I really need more information to estimate if you have a chance for being pregnant.


Did you practice unsafe sex?


Then; if you have an infection you should go to a doctor. I assume you have already been there. He can take a bloodtest for pregnancy-- blood will not lie about it when you have a local infection!


IF you would be pregnant, a yeast/urinary tract infection will not have an effect themselves, but the antibiotics/antifungal meds you should be taking, can affect a baby.


GO TO A DOCTOR with these questions.



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I'm no medical expert, but during my pregnancy I had to always be on the lookout for infections, urinary track or yeast. I was told it can harm my baby. ESPECIALLY shortly before labour. IT seems I did have a very slight infection before my c-section, that I was not even aware of, my baby had GREAT difficulty breathing, and had to spend the first 3 days of her life in ICU. BE SO VERY CAREFULL, and go to the doctor. IF you are pregnant they should be able to give you meds that is not harmfull to the baby.

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