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Mother is against me driving alone....

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So my mom doesn't want me driving to Amarillo alone. She says she hesitates because of the way I am when her and my dad are in the car. When they get in the car with me I tense up and just stress out. My mom sits in the passenger seat doing the fake "brake" pedal stomp, and is always clutching something. My dad is cool with it, he says I am a good driver. He has let me drive by myself before. Tomorrow I am supposed to go with some friends and I said I would drive. Now though I don't even know if I will because my mom doesn't trust me. I am seventeen and I do know how to drive, and the only way for me to get better is to drive right? Why won't she let me? I told her I would go the back way( which is really really really safe) and yet she still hesitates.... SHE IS DRIVING ME NUTS! How do I just get her to trust me. I even was willing to call her when I got to amarillo just so she would know that I made it safely...

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She's a mom she's going to worry, and you are a fairly new driver going on a long trip so it just adds to it. Yes call her upon arrival, and maybe a few times on the way (depending on how long it is). Young drivers, especially with other people and distractions do have a higher risk of accidents. Just drive carefully. Old drivers (like myself) get into accidents because they get distracted.

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