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Skinny guys and attraction

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I'm a pretty skinny/lanky guy. I'm 5'11 and about only 108 pounds. Anyways, I've always been a bit self conscious about how skinny I am and it's affect on how I'm viewed by others. Alot of girls I've been attracted to have weighed more than I do and I know that appearance isn't everything but does being as underweight as I am have a significant effect on attraction? Is the fact that I weigh less than many girls my age "putting them off" in a similar way that extremely obese guys can turn girls off?

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i hate to say it but some girls do see it that way. it makes them feel more self conscious sometimes. but then there is the other side where a lot of guys don't like really skinny girls, i personally don't mind too much. and if a girl doesn't like you because you are too skinny or what not, she prolly isn't worth your time anyways.

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My ex was 5'11 and wieghed 120 at the most for the majority of the time that we dated (5 years). I am usually attracted to men that are muscular but for some reason I was totally taken aback by him.. it was his personallity. He was so confident in himself, and very funny and everyone including myself loved to be around him. So it's not completely based on looks.

I've also dated a guy that was over wieght- also because of his personallity- I would seriously have to be like no I am not coming over to your house tonight because my cheeks (in my face- lol) hurt from laughing so much. ANYWAYS- it's not all based on looks.

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I hate to say it but sometimes it's no fun to have a boyfriend who's skinny then you, or one with a bigger bra size.

You can always tone up, or gain a little body weight, but you should do this for yourself, so that you can gain self-esteem which I'm sure no matter how you look will lead to attracting girls. Do what ever you can to become comfortable with yourself.

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Some will always be more concerned/busy with comparisons, physical ideals and finite details.


In a working situation, the girl/woman should be accepting you for who you are. Relationships aren't based on strictly "animal attraction" they have the working personality and attitude basis, the latter is usually the more important in overall sucess in the long term.


As stated by others, if she is far too bothered with your weight and so forth, probably not worth the time and effort unless you've got a lot of time and patience on your hands to deal with that sort of thing.

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Well my friend, it's time to hit the gym. Trust me, you'll feel so much better when you start getting stronger and see improvements in your physique. I'm 5'5" 120 lbs, so I'm right there with you man, I'm skinny too. However, I've been working out for about 2 years and let me tell you, women will definitely start to take more interest in you when you're in shape. You can benefit from working out in many ways, beyond just appearance, but it's going to take a real committment from you to reap the rewards.


When I'm working out in the gym and my muscles are pumped, you should see the looks I get, it's priceless. I'm still a short, skinny guy, but because I'm naturally slim my muscle definition is great. I recommend you hit the gym man, it will work wonders for your self-esteem and confidence. It will even give you an opportunity to meet women.

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Exercise some other muscles, your heart and your mind. If you know how to make a girl feel special, like the most beautiful person in the world, that will overcome physical appearance. I'm skinny too and have no desire to hit the gym or change myself like that. I'm plenty confident as it is. The key is too get to a womens heart. Once you show your romantic and take there breath away with who you are on the inside, being skinny isn't going to mean a thing. And if it does, shes not worth it.

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Well are pretty skinny. Try working out to build some muscle. Carnation Instant Breakfast may put a few pounds on you, maybe add something like that into your diet. Also you'll likely bulk up some once your body balances out. It's just that ackward growth stage.

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I always fall for skinny guys, personally. I find that very sexy! I am skinny myself (at 6.0" and 120 pounds or whatever scaling system holds here in Holland I weigh 65 kilos at 1.84 meter tall), maybe it's for this reason that I fall of tall skinny types. I don't know, I never find the broader/muscular types very attractive.


Maybe that's a comfort, I think attraction is very personal, and you should only try to gain weight/build muscles if YOU want to (i.e. not necessarily for the other sex).

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Medically, its tough for certain body types to put on weight and i am one ( i think our body type is called ectomorph). I'm like 6' and weigh 150 pounds on a good day I weighed like 140 pounds before but put on 10 pounds of muscle because of workouts and more food. I am still not that bulked up and probably will never be. But that hasn't stopped me from getting dates or hanging out with friends. Just be confident and be less self conscious about your weight and everyone else will do the same. Besides you are only 17, i'm sure you will put on weight if you workout and have an active lifestyle.

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