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Heart broken

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Yeah, it may be silly, yet I am broken hearted. It's weird or rather some people are weird. The guy I was seeing has disappeared. I thought at the very least we were friends, but friends don't blew you off. And if they happen to do so they call and apologize, makeup for it. Not this guy.

Why am I all sad over a guy that although great when we were together I hardly saw and blows me off and puff over. I don't get it. I don't have to get it yet I would like to. Was thinking of calling but no...I don't think I should. Most likely his not calling is a sign, one that says "Not interested"



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Looks like you should just reason out why he didn't want a relationship with you and work on moving on. He's probably got personal issues and your better off without him.


My ex did the same thing with me, after 5 years on and off again, I guess she just had enough, no real explanation, just "gotta go."



The best thing for you to do may be to take some time for yourself; papmer yourself a bit, see friends and family and review your goals and then work on them.


Depending on how long you two were going out, NC will definitly help as well as time.

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