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16 years old,not kissed a girl,not had a girfriend,????????

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im 16 i have had no girl friend,not kissed any one,nothing,now i dont think im all that but i also dont think i am the uglies thing if i had to rank my self on a scale of 1-10 i"d choose a seven. my girl causing ask me "why i havent had a girlfriend i am a very cool guy to hang out with,smart funny,boyfriend material" i dont answer them,please answer the following questions.thanks


1.Is there something have to do with that i dont ask them out,i dont even have a pick up line?


2. i have only been around latin and mexican girls,can i score with any race?


3.What do you ladies want???!?!?!!!!


4.AM i over reacting or is it just a matter of time?


5.Is it because i dress a certain way?


thank to all who answered my questions Peace and love

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I'm 18 and have yet to have a girlfriend, a real kiss, etc. and I'm not letting it get me down. It's just a matter of time. Always be optimistic. Hang out at spots were lots of people hang. Join a health club. Get yourself out there around lots of people. That will increase your odds.


I've found that the more you look the less you find. Sometimes they happen at the most unexpected times in the most unexpected places.


Be friendly, smile a lot, learn how to flirt/tease a girl. Overall, BE CONFIDENT.

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Yeah, calm down. You shouldn't want it to come from anyone, it should be someone that you want to share it with.


If you don't ask girls out then you need to start to. If you like them, then talk to them. It doesn't matter what the race is!


If you dress like a slob and present yourself like one then you probably aren't going to be a "girl getter". Take care of yourself, dress nicely, keep well groomed, BRUSH YOUR TEETH (lol, from another post) and have confidence (do not mistake this for being c--ky)

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Dude, 22 with no girlfriend, no kiss, nothing. Whats wrong with that? It's better to wait for the right girl and know that all the waiting was worth it because she is the one you want to share those moments, those firsts with.


Just because it seems like others have relationships, doesn't mean there any better off or any happier. Most of the relationships you see are filled with silly drama and problems. Some are probably just cause they think they should have one. When the time comes, it will be right and you will know it. And hopefully you'll have used the time to find out who you are, and become mature enough to know how to respect and treat the girl.


1. Avoid the pickup line. It is a curse that will doom you before you begin. It isn't about asking them as much as it is being around them and talking to them. If you never talk to girls, you can't expect anything to happen. So you need to be around them, be friends with them, get to know them.


2. Race shouldn't matter. It's all about how well you connect with the girl. Do you have things in common? Do you feel comfortable around each other?


3. Ladies want the same thing a guy wants (at least deep down, at your age there will probably still be a fair number of shallow girls who aren't worth your time). They want someone who will care for them, love them, respect them, and make them feel special. The want someone they can trust and just spend time with, knowing that the two of you have a special connection.


4. Yes, overeacting and a matter of time.


5. Well, how do you dress? Seriously, clothes shouldn't matter. As long as you are healthy, its all good.

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Well.. Pick up lines are over-rated lol.


I'll go through your questions then:


1. Is there something have to do with that i dont ask them out,i dont even have a pick up line?


Just be yourself and eventually you'll attract the right sort of girl for you. If you are not comfortable with it; don't use pick-up lines lol.


2. i have only been around latin and mexican girls,can i score with any race?


Oh.. Oh Dear God. I don't know if that's racist.. lol.. They are people too you know.. So yes, you could see other races/cultures/creeds etc..


3. What do you ladies want???!?!?!!!!


Well I'm no lady, And everyone has different wants/needs. Be yourself to attract the right person for you.


4. AM i over reacting or is it just a matter of time?


You are over-reacting, Eventually you will find someone. Be patient and be yourself.


5. Is it because i dress a certain way?


Unless you dress in fluffy dresses, emerald green shoes and fishnet stockings.. no.

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Don't worry...sheesh. Heck, I was 18 when I had my first BF and kiss. Now...I think I turned out nicely. LOL! And after I had my first kiss I went on to kiss 2 other guys in the course of 6 months...odd? I had gone so long and been of no interest until I had some confidence! So sit back, relax...I mean I've found the people that I enjoy most happened when I least expected it. And I miss him now...1.5 more months!


Oh, and this may offend some, but please do not think that the first kiss, GF, etc will be magical. I was a guys first kiss and he was 20. It annoyed the snot outta me!

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I used to feel that I needed to get a boyfriend, and that I was missing out by not having someone. Almost every guy I talked to, to me, was seen as a potential boyfriend. But I realised that I didn't really have that much self-esteem and that having just /anyone/ wasn't what I should be focussed on. Lately since I've stopped being frantic about the whole thing, I've realised that I have a whole lot more self esteem and I love everything about me, and if a guy doesn't like me, he's the one missing out! I've also noticed that a lot of guys do try and chat me up, I just never saw it before.


Maybe you should try this too! Stop worrying about getting just /any/ girl and what happens, happens.

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i almost in the same boat... i have had a gf but not in 11 months... my last kiss i was 6 so that doesnt really count... dont even remember... o yea... dont use pick up lines... trust me... be yourself and i repeat.. DONT USE PICK UP LINES... mexican and latin girls are hot... ladies want a funny guy who is interested in them... cares about them... dressing can have a big part... short hair isnt what girls like the best... be nice friendly and polite... that is a major key to girls... just being polite... hope it helps some... good luck...

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dressing can have a big part... short hair isnt what girls like the best...

Says who? I love guys with short hair! It looks good...not super short hair though. I can't stand guys with the longer shaggy hair. It looks feminine and immature IMHO. As far as dressing goes, it is important. It says a lot about a person.

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17 was the age when I had my first experiences with a female...kiss, relationship, sex. But it came about all of a sudden, I was definitely in the same boat wondering if my time would ever come.


Believe me, it will. And, whoever said that it seems to pick up after your first time, I've had the same experiences. Once you've gone through your "firsts", you seem to have more confidence, and it becomes easier from there

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My goodness you are way too young to panic. Not to make light of your dilemma, but try being twice your age and in the same boat. You have plenty of time to find someone. You are only 16, that is not even close to being a late bloomer, even nowadays. You want to feel better, compare yourself to me, I've lived your life twice and have had more years of misery.


Don't panic. You'll be fine.

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Hey bud, I'm 15 and I'm in the same boat as you. It gets me down sometimes but I know all I need is time. Same to you man. I don't really make a big thing about it anymore tho. Would it make you feel better if I told you my mom got married when she was like 23 or 24 or something and her first boyfriend was my dad (my dad had a little more luck).

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I wouldn't worry too much, when I was 16 I was still eagerly anticipating my first kiss or girlfriend, not even aware that I was missing out on anything... I am almost 23 now. I have had 2 kisses, both since I was 21, still no gf. I will admit I am aware now that my youth is passing me by, this is a bad thing, I think I am much less likely to get a girlfriend now that when I was a carefree 16 year old, even though i was awkward and butt ugly as a teenager and have managed to get some confidence and 'scrub up well' since.


So the moral is that you shouldn't care too much, true you want a girlfriend, you wish you had one, that's OK, the attitude that will damage you is the one that at 16 time is running out.


BTW. I wouldn't necessarily say that kissing one girl opens the floodgates, my 1st and 2nd kisses were over one and a half years apart.

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hey, some people are more picky than another. If you really want to have all those things done with, you can do it anytime anywhere with anyone. So I suppose you have some standard rules ingrained. I'd say keep that up!


Like said dozens of times before, you're too young to worry about these things; it's probably more peer pressure than you yourself wanting to do those stuff at your current age.


now your questions:

don't expect things back from the ladies, offer what you have and don't want something back. Treat them like good friends and express your feelings on time (not when she's doubting you and not when she's taking you more like a friend than a potential bf). Pick-up lines are for players, at least I heavily ignore guys who uses pick-up lines on me/have those 'leaning in' tendencies. another thing that might help: know what type of girls (character) you like to make things easier for you ^_^


I'm very happy to see the reactions of the guys here on the forum, cause there are forums where when you read the posts you can just CHOKE those superficial 'damn she's got no boobs that's no woman!' -guys. So cheers for you. Girls don't dump good guys, at least smart girls don't. I had my first kiss when I was 14, with my first bf and I didn't see it coming. From there on I kissed 4 guys and never had a real relationship before. No sex and no serious touching. I won't worry (much) about appearance, clothes, looks etc. etc., I dont' use make-up when I'm out of bed way too late (which happens 80% of the time), I'm not married to the mirror, never seriously doubted myself so I don't believe a guy can't see confidence in me. Yet that doesn't make me a person who easily gets a relationship, so confidence isn't the key really. It's just easier on yourself to have it. And I also don't like a guy who uses one hour to fix his hair and all, but most girls DO like hygenic guys (no dirt under yer nails). Appearance matter, but certainly not always.

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