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one of those spring episodes.....

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so i used to post on here a while back and just wanted to get some feedback on this all.... i had met jessica a year ago on June 15 and things where great from there... her parents had kicked her outta the house because of meth and my mom took her in and took care of her... we tried helping her kick the addiction... and for the first 4 months everything was good, she stayed away from her problems and we were the happiest couple ever... then she went back to it slowly and slowly... and soon wanted to move outt my mothers for fear that my mom would get onto i suppose... but i was blind to this... so wanting her to be happy i moved out into her cousins and boyfriends house... there she began to be gone every night and not come home until late.. sex got less and less and soon there wasnt much with me working outta town and what not... she left a couple times but came back realizing what she was doing... and around march she was gettin bad... she started seeing this other guy from what i think and on the weekend of her birthday April 15 she confirmed that she had sex with him, and said that we werent together at the time... but i have written online proof that we were together... which moreless she cheated on me, and she swears that she never did... but things went on and i fell more and more into her trap and she moreless used me for what she could, even though she said she never asked for things, she expected... then a month or more ago we find out she was 3 months pregnant... that puts it back to about the time she cheated on me... and i dont recall having sex around that time.... we were kinda together at the time but once again she has taken off and moved to her moms 2 hrs away claiming that it was the better thing to do for her an dthe baby and i couldnt trust her and stuff like that... but being as she supposibly is done with meth she still hangs around with her friends that even offer it to her while shes pregnant... and the guy she cheated on with is in jail for meth..... yet she still talks to him and wnats to be his friend... and while we where together she claimed she never went and saw him at jail and like that... just kinda a screwed up deal... more too it all but this is just the drift...

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Woah, this is a little more than a spring episode, wouldn't you say?


Hmm... my first instinct for you is to run away from Jessica as fast as you can, she sounds like nothing but trouble.


Considering you may be the father of her baby, you may want to remain on somewhat friendly terms with her until the birth of the baby and then have a paternity test....maybe try for custody considering the mother has a past history of drug abuse and relapse and her friends are all using as well, and have zero scruples....offering it to her while she is pregnant.


I hope for the baby's sake that she really has stopped using, but if she didn't find out until she was 3 months along, most of the baby's systems and organs are developed by that time, and if she was using during that time and did not know she was pregnant, the baby could have some serious problems.


Best of luck with this weasal, this is not a situation I would ever want to be in, I think you just need to try and keep the lines of communication open with her so you have a chance to find out if the baby is yours.

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thanks guys... i have chosen not to talk to her just cause the fact i cant really do it... although when i get alone and bored i think about her alot... but then i just try to push her out and move on... being in love is so great, i miss it so much, but i must make myself do the right thing and move on.... id go for custody of the child but my job forces me to work outta town alot and what not... i travel up to 3 hours away from home and stay there all week till the weekend... or i would have that child in a heartbeat

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