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Ok, so my ex split up with me about 2 months ago, and for the first month, avoided me. We didnt do any outside of college, and we didnt talk or see eachother. I had just begun to accept this, and that he wasn't a part of my life anymore. I got a new job, and spent lots of time with my friends.


Then, almost out of the blue, he's making effort to talk to me and invite me places. The first time he invited me to do something was about a month after the split, and it was to go to the cinema with him and a few of his friends. I agreed, and it was fun. It ended up him paying me loads of attention, and it was confusing. He also invited me to go and play cards at the weekend.


Now, a month later, I'm just not interested. He split with me, and I cannot comprehend what is going on in his head. He texts me quite a bit, talks to me online and invites me out to lots of different things. He said when we split that he wanted space, and all of this. So I gave it to him, and now it appears he's changed his mind. Every time I mention a male friend, I get a string of questions about him. He questions my love life, and my social life, but tries to do so casually. For example, he text me last night, and I didnt reply. So he came online (where he knew i'd be), and asked me if I'd got the text, and spent the next hour talking to me! We are both going to the same party tomorrow, and he asked me to text him when I get there! I don't see the point...


This has all started after I had stopped chasing him about and trying to get him back. For all you guys out there, what is going on in his head?

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Do you actually know why he split up with you? I always think in a relationship that you should make decisions together, taking in to account the other halfs feelings and thoughts on the matter. If the decision to split was purely his, then he has absolutely no right to question you on your post relationship activities and movements. Someone told me that a relationship is like a finely balanced weighing scales, and I think it's a good analogy. If you've been hurt or upset by his actions, and he wants you back, then a good starting point from him would be a explanation of his actions and a apology for doing what he did. He can't finish with you, and then question what you do with your life afterwards....that's simply selfish and unfair. Get on with things, go and enjoy life in whatever way you see fit. If he's man enough to explain why he did it and say sorry, listen to him. This happened to me a couple of years back, I got the calls etc after being ditched. It transpired the reason for her calls was that things weren't working out with the guy she had finished me for, so the attention wasn't particularly flattering. And in terms of asking the 'guys' for advice, both sexes play games like this. Basically, let him learn a lesson from his actions, you're not answerable to him in any way now. Look after no1 for the time being and enjoy yourself!

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