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ok....so i'm going to call her today!

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Hello everybody, well i am finally at a point after 7 weeks NC, except for our chance meeting (see Last Post) last week. I havent called her since seeing her in that brief window or fate or whatever you want to call it, and have made up my mind that i am going to call her today and just say "Hi *****, how are you, was good to see you the other day, wondering if you might like to catch up sometime for a coffee, drinkk etc." Just small, light happy talk.nothing else.


And then i will see what her reaction is.Is it is positive , i will feel good.If it is not then atleast i know once and for all where i satnd and how much she might value me atleast as a person.This is the final way for me to move on and close this chapter once and for all.


I want to point out that i havew no expectations, and am able to accept the outcome once and for all.I mean, at some point you have to break NC and if only to stop the what if's and the wondering.I've never been one for living my life saying if only i'd called or , if only.....I take the view point that i'm better off knowing, because this sets me free.


Penny for your thoughts people?


Thank you all



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I thought this 'no contact' policy was meant for you to gradually get the ex of your mind so that you can move on. I have this feeling that meeting her again would put you back on square one with this 'no contact' business. Sounds like you're at a point where you could enjoy life again. Why risk ruining it?

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Calling her is a bad idea. You'll feel just like you got dumped all over again. Nobody needs 7 weeks to decide if they're into bf/gf. Stay in NC and work on finding someone else. There are plenty out there for you buddy, but they're not gonna come and get you. Spend your time talking to other chicks and when you find someone else, ex will seem like a faded dream.

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If you are going to call her, just do it to say hi and leave it at that. I would not ask her out so soon for a coffee. That spells preessure buddy and it makes it look like you want something from her. Trust me on this one....


For me, well, I am day 30 of absolutely NO CONTACT and I have not physically seen her in 2 months...I have NOT sent her any check in the mail yet. Not sure if I ever will. I'm growing stronger and am SO MUCH more confident....


It gets easier and I'm dating all kinds right now.


Go in with NO expectations and be honest with yourself, but above all, be good to yourself...



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