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On tuesday my family and I will go to visit my grandparents (they live in other city) just for a couple days but the trouble is that when i stay in the hotel my parents are gonna make me go to the pool b/c i have to take care of my little brother and i dont kno what to do they problably will see my scars!!!and im completely frightened about the fact that they realize about my cutting issues

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Don't swim. . . or wear a tshirt and shorts. That's what I do. I got scars all over my thighs, though I haven't self injured in several years. I never go swimming if I can help it. If I do, I cover up (or I make a lie that I forgot my swimsuit). Though I don't suggest you lie- because that's just wrong. Good luck.

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yea just were a shirt but if you have to take it off take it off right befor you get in and tell some one to throw it to you when your done that what i normaly do because i have scares all over my torso because of fighting and i dont like every one to see them

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Or you can acknowledge that your cutting issues could very well be discovered by them at some point. You can keep hiding the scars from them, but notice how tiresome and worrisome you become when you try to hide issues like that from people (especially your family)?

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dont swim. try make up. i always wear long sleeves and stuff but i use white powder for scars on my neck it works pretty well as long as you dont get wet.if you hae to swim i dont know what to tell you except hope they dont notice. uhm you could say you dont feel well so you cant swim. sorry to hear about your problem good luck though


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im really happy


we are not going...YET

my mom is sick but she will be better in a week so i havea more time to plan something or i dont now...


any more suggestions???


The only thing you can really do is hide it somehow but honestly ... they will figure it out at some point or another.

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