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shaving down there...please answer

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lol, i agree... the only thing is once you start, you really ahve to keep doing it or it gets itchy... it's kinda like shaving your legs... u can't start and then stop and then start again... it just feels weird, but it only takes a few seconds each morning to shave... i guess it's personal preference but I've never been a big fan of hair, and shaving for guys makes them look alot bigger too!

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Personally I don't mind if the girl has any hair in that region, but I'd prefer it to at least be trimmed or "maintained" in the least. The overgrown forrest look is kinda gross and "so 70s"


I don't shave my area, but I do trim it really short. I used to shave my package too, but that's definitely tough to do since the surface isn't flat.

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Hmm. Well let me put it this way. A wise man once pulled me aside, looked intensely in my eyes and said "Small, promise me one thing. Never shave yourself down there. A guy could get rug burn if you're not careful."


Like Shorty says you have to keep shaving once you start, so think carefully before you make this 'commitment'.

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As a girl who has shaved, dated shaving freaks, gone down on other women, and now doesn't know what's going on, I'd like to say that shaven or no, trimmed or no, most men just like the idea of sex. That being said, you'd make your bed before inviting someone to sleep in it, no? Then why not do a little "housecleaning" elsewhere?


Best of luck!

Scientist semi-naturale

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In my opinion, waxing is simply the only way to go in that area. Otherwise, most people end up with razorburn (which looks NASTY and is mega itchy for guys in the ball area from what I hear). I used to shave, but I got tired of it, the results are garbage compared to a quality wax (which lasts much longer and grows in smooth).


P.S. - I don't think the guy needs to shave completely (most guys I know pick, poke, and rearrange that area quite enough without fresh stubble poking through, creating even more discomfort). Neatly trimming the area once every few days should be enough to keep it from looking unfortunate.

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You are right!, when the hair starts to grow back it is uncomfortable/itchy for a few days. Personally I don't think a girl needs to shave for a guy to enjoy sex / oral sex with a girl. My advice would be to, as some of the other posts said, keep it well trimmed. This is also true for the guys.

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I like down there at least trimmed very short or shaven if possible. I really hate hair there, it looks gross and dirty.


I keep my hair down there very short, can't shave as my skin is WAY too sensitive. My GF used to shave all of it, and I loved to do oral on her! Hair keeps smells and, well, it is not funny when you go down on your girl and start choking with pubes on your throat!


I think that if she shaves, I should shave. I did it and she saw how my skin got (all covered by very small pimples), so she was ok with me keeping it trimmed shortly. Then I discovered the miracle of electric shavers! But she didn't liked the hairless look.

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I'd have to say... very short and cropped close.... more of a triangle than anything.. keep things below mostly shaved....


And if you shave all the way... oooohhh yeah... mega itches while growing it back in.


Never have waxed... am too afraid it will HURT HURT HURT...


Guy's... yep... like em trimmed... had gagging like a cat with a HAIR ball... not very sexy to see.... so guys..keep it trimmed and clean.... pair of little sissors and snip snip snip...every so often.. would be nice.


I've got a thing for cleanliness... nothing worse than.. hair and yucky smells to turn you righttttt off. uggghhh.

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I do for two reasons:


1. It's hard to find the clitoris behind a bush (needle in a haystack - LOL).


3. If he has trouble getting behind the bush, you won't feel much. A benefit to both ...


Besides, who has felt comfortable with hair on their tongue? Get my drift?


By the way, if you need tips - trim it down first with scissors (be careful!) and then use one of the battery operated trimmers for facial hair so it's slender and gentle.


For guys reading - stubble on the chin hurts.

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