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gus/girls need some suggestions

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well ive been out of the dating game for about 2 years, jjust got out of a relationship. i can get the phonenumbers and emails really easily, but what i have trouble with is how long do I wait to call em. ive been experimenting with diffrent amount of days and im getting mixed results. and how many rejections to a date, after u alredy have her number, should be tolerated before moving on to the next.

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you can always tell if the are sincerley busy or if they're just playing around. If they say they're busy when you ask them the first time, why not say "wel is there a day that you are free that we can go get a bite to eat/go to a movie?" and see what she says... if her responce is positive then she's not just faking being busy. I'd say wait prolly two days for the first call.... let her call you too though....

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