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alright you probably read my past posts....it was about tryin to get eddie back after bein to controlling, well today He told me he had another girlfriend....and I flipped out, telling him what the stupidest thing I did in my life was, and it was falling for him....and hung up. He called me tellin me how much he still loves me...I was like wow, playin hard to get really works! I was always tryin to get him back lookin at it in all the wrong ways, when all I had to do was put my foot down....

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I wouldn't use that as a "tool" to get someone back- don't make that something you do always.


Also I think I remember reading your posts, that you were too controlling- completely shows in what you just did.


I am glad that you got him back if that's what you wanted, just make sure that you stay true to what you said and try not to be too controlling.

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ok nahhh first off......he was gettin nasty and im sooo sick of bein the lil quite girl thats says nothing I stood up 4 myself, and im done.....if he doesnt like what I do...then he can leave in fact he knows where the door is...im on the point where im bout 2 snap....

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