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My boyfriend and I, of almost 2 years broke up about 4 weeks ago. We've talked occasionaly since the break up. Except..this past week we've been talking and hanging out non stop. He works during the day but then as soon as he gets off hes right here with me. Things were kinda weird at first but then it was like we started right where we left off a month ago.

During our time apart we fooled around with other people. It wasn't the same. When i was with the other guy i just imagined it was my ex. My ex and i talked about it and he said that the girl he was fooling around with he had called her by my name a couple times. Both of the people we have messed around with live a good distance away so its not like we can just run into them at the closest store.

Im very confused because the other day when my ex and myself were have sex i said " Im in love with you " and he just said " Even after the other guy you met? " and that was it. We just kept going. I'm beginning to feel used. Its like everytime we hang out we have such a great time but sex is always involved. I dont know what he wants ? He has a very hard time expressing his feelings for me. Everytime i start talking about us he shuts out and says he has to go. Yes our relationship wasn't perfect but I'd be willing to start over with him. He says he just wants to take things slow and continue to be friends.?.



Should i just be the one to end everything or just continue to be friends .?. Am i being taken advantage of?

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I think you were alittle too hasty getting back with him, he still is confused like you said. He hasn't had a chance to heal himself let alone you.


If you want to rekindle an old relationship it has to be done gradually and there are ways of doing this tactically.


Telling him you love him is too soon, i think its important for you to exercise restraint when sharing your hopes, dreams and confessions with the one you love. Dont let him think through saying that you love him, that your future happiness depends on him. It will cause him to feel trapped.


I cant believe you are already having sexual intercourse, I am in the process of getting back with my ex but the last thing on my mind is getting into bed with him, even a snog is out of the question. Also i didnt confess my love for him until he did , which even then I was still hesitant to open up to him.


I think you should distance yourself from him alittle, by all means dont ignore him but with the pace at which you are going in this relationship i can only say it is doomed to fail. You need to back off abit the guy hasnt even had chance to regroup his thoughts especially since he just came out of another relationship and the same applies to you too, you need to take time out both of you, take it slow. Thats my personal opinion.!

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