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Its been nearly 3 months since my ex of 6 years broke up with me, she claimed to be no longer in love.


Its been so hard for me, but generally feeling stronger as time goes on.

What is not helping at the moment is how my ex is behaving.

We have agreed to be friends and although difficult, I'm beginning to understand that at the moment its the best thing.


I believe she has emotional attachment problems, stemming from a loveless childhood, although we were together for 6 years, the reasons she has given for us breaking up seem somewhat not major issues, at least issues that could have been worked out if she had told me what she was feeling at the time.


Since we broke up, she has called a few times, wanting to hear my voice, sometimes when I back off, she calls or texts. She says she is missing me very much.

Two days ago I called her and told her that I feel that she still has feelings for me, that maybe she is regrettng the break up and we could at least talk about things.

She did not deny about her feelings, claimed that she is having regrets and even broke down in tears on the phone, saying that she feels very sad about the break up, but is comfortable being just friends at the moment, that she is still healing.


I told her that I will be there for her if she needs someone to talk to.


I will continue remaining friends, try and be supportive, give her time and space, I do not want to think about time limits, this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with but I realise that at some stage if nothing comes of a possible relationship and I still feel the same way, I will have to let go.

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I think being friends with her is a really bad idea. She still has your emotional support to help her in getting over the relationship while preventing you from really moving on. Go into No Contact and start talking to other women at the very least. It's the best thing you can do at this point.

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I learned first hand last weekend how much it helps to meet other women. I had been so depressed, but then I met a girl and it really made me feel better about myself. I still love my ex and nothing is going to really happen with this other girl, but it made me realize that just because she doesn't want to be with me anymore, doesn't mean nobody does. It truly does help.

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