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Ok heres the thing, me and my boyfriend have been going out for about 3 months. And everything was going great during the first one and a half months. Then he went to California in the middle of our second month. Ive tried being really patient for this long which has been one month since he's been gone. But there's one thing, He hasn't called and/or tryed contacting me AT ALL!!! And this is really shocking.... But if any of you live in the USA than you would know that in some towns of California they have had 2 earthquakes, Jerry is not used to California, he is a Illinois boy. And im scared he could have been killed/hurt really bad and thats why he's not contacting me. But another thing is that all of my friends have either came on yahoo or msn and told me that they heard from someone who heard from someone(etc) That he is MOVING to California, this really hurts me because I love him so much, maybe even more than all of my other past boyfriends. And at first I didnt believe it. But just recently about 1-3 days ago, my friend Nikki said that Jordan called her house and told her about it. Now I havent contacted him to ask him about it or Jerry's parents but I actually believe it now. And I am really clode to dumping him. But I dont want to have to dump him because I dont want to ruin what we could have if he would come back. And I dont want to dump him and have him hating me and not wanting to be friends or more ever again. But then again I feel like I should dump him.... And my friend Karsha(I have talked about her in alot of my other posts about Jerry) says even if it does mess things up she says I should just dump him anyway. But she has said that I should have dumped him from the moment that he ditched me for his other 2 friends at school. But thats in the past and you know I understand that he needs his space. But im really confused. And I need some advice really bad.... Any help?? I dont want to dump him but if you think it would be better off than I will.......

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Starbubblez, most of our earthquakes feel like a slight jostle. Nothing to worry about.


I know it feels like the end of the world when you can't get ahold of someone, but I'm sure Jerry's fine. Guys his age aren't necessarily as mature as you and don't always think to call and let you know everything's okay. California is a beautiful state and there's lots of fun things to do outdoors. He's probably out having fun (not necessarily with another girl.)


I wouldn't worry about dumping him now. Just focus on hanging out with your friends and keeping busy until he gets back. Then you can have the talk with him about why he never kept in touch and decide whether or not to go your separate ways. Take care!

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