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Help Please I dont want to loose him..

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Well the guy im seeing now lives like 35 min away from me.. that is a problem because i hardly will get to see him when school starts back ect. at like football games and so on.. but i cant see him any other time we talk all the time on icq and everynight on the phone.. see one reason we dont get to spend that much time with one another is because from 8 to 12 he has summer school then he has to go to baseball practice from 5 to like 8 an dont get back home till about 9.. he goes to the pool everyday after school but i cant because my mom dont get off work till 4:30 an by that time he is leaving to go to baseball practice.. Shew I wish it was feburary so i would have my licens.. well any way thats one problem an the other one is our talks on the phone.. Sometimes it gets silent for about 13 min an i dont know what to say to break that silence.. i need help in that.. oh an jsut an update he said I love u last night way way better then a 2 days ago.. but please help me with those 2 problems i dont want him to loose interest..!!

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Well we have known one another since September of last year we were very attracted to one another but we never did hook up then after not seeing one another for almost a year we run into one another at the pool we then started talking an it was amazing how much we had in common then we hooked up.. An yes I do care for him greatly.. I would call it head over hills love per say.

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