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I have been doing well with NC, but have had to be in touch with the ex over the last few days regarding some things he left at my place. During this communication I asked him if at some point down the road, when we have both had some time to ourselves if he would be angry if I sent him an e-mail to see how he is doing. I asked him to be honest, and that I wouldn't be offended if he'd rather I didn't. I plan to wait at least a couple of months before even thinking about contacting him, hopefully by then won't even want to anymore. Anyway, he responded that he would never be offended if I want to stay in touch, and that he was glad I had said something. Anyone have any input on what he said? I'm not sure if it's a good thing, or just being polite so he doesn't have to feel like a (bigger) a-hole.

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I didn't break up with him, he left me and I still don't really know why. He seemed ambivilant about doing it at all. I do want to get back with him right now, but I know I'm not healed enough to make that kind of decision. I'm hoping in a couple of months I can be more objective. I don't want to completely close the door though, and I know he probably won't contact me, because he feels guilty over the break-up.

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did u ask him why he left u ? do u have any idea what did he do that ?


It is ur right to feel angry... u can run after him when he left u... wait for him to come to u again if he wants.. if he asked u to forgive him..u decide what to do... if he didnt come and u really think that u didnt do anything wrong.. then forget him he doesnt worth it...

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I asked him, but he wouldn't answer. I think it may have to do with his teenage daughter. I caught her stealing about a year and a half ago, and she has hated me ever since for telling her dad about it. She has told him that she will not visit him anymore if he is living with me. I don't know if that is it or not--but if it is, he didn't have to break up-he could have just moved. Maybe it is something completely different. I will not ever chase him--but I did want him to know that it is O.K. with me for us to stay in touch at some point in the future-

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