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*i editted this because i need to post* heartbroken

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ok i am so emotionally distressed right now im talking crazy. my real problem is that i am just so lonely i cant help but still love my old girlfriend and want her back but she has a new bf and he is a pretty

emo-esque guy meaning he has no problems but he acts depressed to attract girls and apparently it worked i want her so bad. does anyone have advice to get her back?


by the way i totally changed this post because i need to let this out and it is far more important than the post i changed sorry



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get to a doctor immediately, get checked for all sorts of diseases. your body will react badly to another person's blood in it's system, it's not natural, that's probably why you are sick..


if you want to kill yourself, for gods sake, do the research. get some counselling or something


wow, people can be so stupid sometimes

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WOW! It is amazing how powerful our emotions can be over us. Im sorry you are having such a tough run of things, especially with your feeling about your ex-girlfriend. I remember being your age and in love. Looking back I see how foolish I really was because how I am supposed to know what I love and what I need when I really do not even know myself yet. I stuggled with an on again off again relationship with the person I fell in love with so young and in the end it didn't work out. I realized after years that the person he was as a teenager was not the person I needed as an adult. I know it is difficult for you to see past your situation and your feelings, but my advise to you is to accept the fact that it is going to take you some time to get over your feelings for her. If she is with someone else, even if she came back to you how would you feel knowing she may be missing him or thinking of the times she spent with him. You are young and have your whole life ahead, a repeated speech Im sure you have already heard. Just try to be wise in dealing with your feelings and give yourself at least a year to get over your pain. Ive been single know from my teenage sweetheart for going on four years now and its is more clear to me what I need and what will work best for me to have a full and happy life. If you give yourself some time, you too will have to same realization.

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