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Confused and need advice

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An old "friend" of mine and I recently started talking again. Last night we stayed up pretty late just talking. First, I need to explain our history though.


About a year and a half ago, we first met on a school trip (I mean we had met before in class obviously too). We just seemed to connect really well. After we got back, we started talking. After a very short time I began to like her very much and vice versa. But, like a moron, I was inexperienced and couldn't take hints (for dates, for making a move, for calling).


After a while, it just seemed to die. She told me that she couldn't have a relationship because of her history. She had jsut movied from a nearby city that year because she was having serious problems there (doing bad stuff, but she is completely differetn and amazing now) and had promised herself that she wouldn't get into a relationship. Also, her very strict parents now no longer trusted her after everythng that had happened previously.


We stayed friends but a few months later she did end up having a relationship. A guy she is still kind of with. We got into huge fights and grew apart. We'd make up and then get into another fight. It was a big cycle. Then this year we had a class together and started talking. It was sort of off and on, but we'd make eye contact a lot and it was like we could see into each other's souls.


We have always had this connection. I have always felt something for her, albeit hidden to myself sometimes. I know that I have changed. As of last night, I realized that there still are sparks. There is still something there. I really want to see what it is, I really just want another chance that I never took before because of my stupidity.


I said last night that I hated that our relationship changed so much (after we nostalgically talked about our past together). I said that I kept thinking well, maybe the change will be for the good, something better will happen, but that I was always proven wrong (I'm not sure if she knew this was about her, do you think she did?). Then she said that her off and on boyfriend is going to college soon. That they would be broken up. They are going to like marry, I could seroiusly see it happening. At first I thought this was a hint that maybe she'd see if there was anything between us, but then I realized she was just drawing a parralel to change, right?


I have no idea what to do or what to think, please help!!

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