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Forbidden love, shy girl and general confusion

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Well my problem involves many factors, so I am not sure where to put this exactly. I’m 15, male and a complete nerd Around a two months ago I started attending a mental health day care program, For kids who are depressed anti-social, or have severe anxiety and simply cannot handle normal schooling. I met a girl there and I desperately attempted to get to know her, She is shy and cute (My two favourite features in a girl) so I was interested in her, Eventually after not getting much of a response from her I worked up the courage to ask for her MSN address and after a little blushing and reluctance I got it. After a few nights of emotional chatting I finally confessed my feelings for her and she admitted to liking me as well, She was a lot more open on MSN and I found out nearly everything about her. I invited her over a few times and we kissed and ended up making out, she was not very shy during those sessions apart from conversations and she never said “I love you” but I got the feeling anyway and she later said those words to me on MSN. That is my first problem, how can I get her to be more open in person?. The second problem is that there are no sexual relationships allowed between clients at my mental health program, sadly the staff have caught on now and I am not sure what is going to happen. I love this girl so much, I’ve dated two girls previously but have never really felt in love with them but this one is different. I don’t want to have to give her up but maybe its for the best that I comply to the programs rules. Two other clients were dating and their time in the program was restricted, I am even considering leaving as this girl needs the program far more than I do and I‘d like her to be able to continue it full time. I know its odd for a 15 year old to care this much for a girl, am I to immature to realise if this is love?. Any advice would be great!

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Being 15 you still have quite a bit of maturing to do, even at 37, I know I still do as well, but the point is I'm sure you have very strong emotions toward this girl.


The emotions your feeling have a lot to do with the fact that your still changing into an adult and at this time in your life your hormones are into overdrive.


The best thing to do may be to slow it down a bit, you still got 70 or so years to go through life, why rush it.


This way if you back off both of you can still stay in the program and get to know eachother better.


Good luck.

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