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So.. I was on vacation and met this guy, he texted me that night about how great he thought I was, asked me to meet up w/ him and friends at a bar the next night, met up had alot of fun, kissed good night.

Monday he texts me about how it was the best weekend he's had since he' s been here (2 years, here's the kicker he's a navy guy). We talk on the phone once or twice during the week says he wants to come see me this weekend the plans fall through due to his car being broke and relying on a friend for a ride. He goes out on the boat for a few days, returns Friday, calls me and asks me to come down, him and his friend will pick me up (3.5 hour drive, each way). I change plans, he picks me up, we drive back and hang at his friends for the weeked. Saturday he seems really distant, no physical contact, I start to worry that he's regretting this. We go out Saturday night to watch the game and he just starts gushing over how much he likes me, how he hasn't stopped thinking or talking about me since the last weekend, and how the more he gets to know me the more he likes me, tells me how him and his friend were talking about how "perfect" I am when I stepped away from the dinner table earlier. He says he's just very private and personally confident so he's not real mushy, on top of you type of guy, which I relate to as I am very independent myself. That night we have sex, very very good sex, he says the best he's ever had. Go to sleep, wake up. Who is this guy? VERY distant. His friend and him drive me back, he really doesn't talk much, his friend even brings it up. Drops me off, impersonal kiss. So I'm kinda like wazup at this point. Oh and his phone was blowing up all weekend. BUT he talked to his mom and some of his friends while I was around, and they knew who I was (obvious from this end of phone conversation)

Monday noonish I text him "Thank you for such a fabulous weekend, I haven't stopped grinning yet" he replies a few hours later "That makes me feel good!", doesn't call Monday, doesn't call Tuesday, then calls today (Wednesday) in the late morning, with not much to say. I really want to ask him what was up on Sunday, but was at work and it just wasn't right at that time.

I am really confused, I guess I am just one of those girls that really needs a call at least everyother day. I mean he drove basically 14 hours to see me, was a true gentleman, but then kinda freaked.

Whats up with that! I am new to this whole "dating" thing Ive always rushed into relationships, and I think I need to learn how to slow down. So any insight into what you think may be going on would be appreciated as well as any tips or tricks to get me to cool my heels would be great to.


Oh and if my ex is reading this, BUGGER OFF!!!

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Well, I certainly hope he isn't the type of guy who says stuff like this to every girl he meets. Let's assume not...


I suppose it might be entirely possible that since he is in the navy, he might have to ship off soon and isn't looking forward to it. For lots of people, knowing that something like that will eventually happen can really put a damper on lots of good things in their lives.


But honestly you won't really find out the truth unless you straight up ask him. Try not to assume too much about people because it can often lead to more trouble that it's worth.

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I think you rushed into sex too soon and he got scared.

I know it sounds old-fashioned but some guys like thrill of the chase and once they catch the prize, the excitement and the mystery wears off. also maybe he's not so sure about what he got himself into.


Give him some space and let him to the chasing. If he comes around, it was meant to be. If not, then get on with your life.

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