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Leg Problems - What's a good remedy?

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I have just started a desk job that requires me to sit for 8 hours. The chairs that they have are supposed to be ergonomic and help with the body's circulation but I'm only 5'5" and I've noticed that when I sit even for 1 hour or so, I am very uncomfortable. My legs (especially around the thigh area) starts to ache and I've tried adjusting the chair in EVERY possible option I can. I tried sitting in just a plain metal folding chair and that seemed to have a better effect on my legs but my back would begin to ache because there's no support really, seeing how those aren't really meant for long-term sitting (and my new job won't allow me to use the metal chair). I use a footrest to try to alleviate the aching but that's only a temporary solution.


Is there anything that might have a solution, even temporarily, that might help me out? I don't want to have bad circulation that leads to the uprising of spider veins or varicose veins. Thanks!

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Do you have an occupational/ergonomics specialist at work? You can contact them and let them know your complaints and they may have other options for you.


Every little while, stand up and walk around...if you need to talk to a coworker, walk there instead of emailing. At lunch, go for a walk.


Also, try getting one of those big inflatable workout balls. Every one or two hours, sit on that for 15 minutes or so while at your desk...it will help strengthen your core and get the blood circulating again. Many ergonomic specialists recommend them now for that purpose.

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Ugh, I have the same problem.


A good idea, especially if it's your thighs that are hurting worst, is to do the following:


1) Have your employer purchase a chair that has a seat which is well-cushioned and rounded in the front and follows the more natural curves of your thighs and the backs of your knees.


2) Make sure your seat is high enough or low enough so that your feet can be flat on the ground, with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.


3) If your feet dangle at all, place a footrest under your feet to insure there is no pressure being placed on the backs of your thighs.


4) If your chair doesn't have natural lumbar support (a protruding curve where your mid-back would rest), purchase a special pillow to lean against.


Hope that helps!

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That's the thing... they bought the whole company brand new ergonomic chairs... just for the primary reason of people with leg/back problems. However, with me being such a small frame, the edge of the seat hits the back of my knees and thereforeeee, that's where the pain begins. I have purchased a lumber seat cushion that will hopefully help with my back pain and hopefully something will work out. Right now I have to switch back and forth with a cushioned chair and a non-cushioned. I hate being such a "princess" but I know what feels comfortable and right as opposed to something that makes me miserable.


Thank you for your input, however. Always appreciated!

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