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Ok i met this guy on the internet about a year ago and i liked him alot but muh frend came along n took him but i meen i was mad then cuz i never jumped! But then they broke up n me n him went out n we went out for about a while and me n him were n love and i love him alot.....Now he brok up w/ me for some time alone to c wat would happen but he was going to come bak n 2 weeks exactly! n chelsey knew i still love him n how into eachother we were n he was gonna go bak out w/ me 2 days left when she did it! She told him she wanted him bak n he said ok coz he wanted to c if it wud work but she makes me feel like crap everytime he comes on n says how he says he loves her n it makes me wanna cry and sumtimes i do! But she told me 3 days after he was saposed to come bak w/ me! Then muh other frend told him how much i miss him n he said him n muh frend were really happy so im done and i meen i wanna b happy for him but it kills me. And im mad at my frend for doing it to me n knoin how i like him! Plus she has like 10 other bfs! I dont kno wat to do PLZ HELP ive never felt this upset n this way !!

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It appears this guy is clearly confused, for he doesn't know what he wants. If a guy tells you he wants to separate and come back after 2 weeks exactly....that doesn't really show committment. What that says is: hey, I am going to go and see if I can snag another girl, and if I can't, I'll come back to you. That is exactly what happened. Personally, he sounds like a jerk, and if I guy can treat you this way, he never really loved you to begin with. Forget about him and find someone better out there. From what you've written, your friend doesn't sound any better and if I were you, I would dump her too.

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