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yesterday i posted about my ex gf and the chances of us getting back together.

some of you asked the reason for the breakup. When I met her she was going through a very nasty divorce that has taken along time to end. She has two small children and now that she is finally divorced she has been fighting a really bad custody battle with her children. Her mother is terminally ill and only has a few months to live. She has got alot going on in her life and my problems have just added to them. my problems are way to personal to share. some people say if we couldn't support each other through the problems that we had that we will never make it again. but both of us was on the verge of exploiding and we didn't what to exploid at each other so we decided to take a break until our problems are resolved and start over knew. sounds kinda crazy doesn't it? we still see each other but it is hard for me cause i miss her alot and i really want things to work out.

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I can completely relate to your situation. my fiancé and i had a really rocky year last year- due to a lot of out side issues. but of course this took a tole on the time we shared and how we got along at times. Even though we knew there was no one else we'd rather be with - we took some time apart to clear our minds and let go of the out side problems. Initially it was very difficult and i often wondered if it had been a mistake to separate, but in fact it was the absolute best thing we could have done! Now we have the closest relationship ever and minus the outer drama that at one time sat so heavy on us. It is true what they say... distance makes the heart grow faunder- but it still takes some checking on every now and then. Just let her know your care about her well-being and that you're there for her by sending a simple card or letter, or call her once every so often to say 'hello.' If your love for each other is genuine, then you both will definitely see the benefits of this time apart. Just be pacient.

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I think it's really strong of you to take this time apart while she's going through a tough time. The best thing is you can make sure she knows you are there for her. And that means that she knows she can depend on you if she needed you, even though you might not always be around.


I understand what you mean when you say how people said that you should be together to work things out and thats how you stay strong... but relationships are different in so many different ways, so you guys have to figure out whats best for you. I think you both have a lot of respect for each other to take this time. But you may have to look at it at another perspective.... if these problems are long-term and not easily resolvable, it may say something about your relationship if you are both about to 'explode' at each other.... Or it may just be bad timing. Good luck.

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