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ok, this is very short. have just discovered my ex bf has blocked me as a sender on his hotmail account – but i've NEVER sent him any emails to that account (the last email i sent was over 2 months ago to an entirely different hotmail account he has, around the time of our split). WHY WOULD HE DO THAT? why is he blocking me even though i'm in NC with him, he trashed our relationship and hurt me so badly and we haven't spoken for 2 months now. shouldn't i be the one to block him? fact is, i haven't blocked him from my hotmail as it wouldn't even cross my mind to do that. i don't get it. why has he done that?


PS he also changed his cell number – but i haven't called him at all since we split up and if i really wanted to call him, he knows i could call his home tel or even his mother's tel, so why do that? (i have only ever called it on coupla occasions when i knew his cell would be OFF (so no record of my call even) – just to hear his voicemail (sad i know!), so as far as he knows i haven't called at all.


what's the deal with all that?

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If you're doing NC, what difference does it make?


...and how did you "just discover" you're blocked from his email...?


You've stated you have other ways to contact him -- IF it becomes necessary. Otherwise, why waste your energy irritating yourself about what someone you don't want to contact anyway is doing?

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Looks like he is telling you loud and clear that he wants nothing to do with you--Just in case you didn't get that message .


But hey, you are doing NC anyway, so it shouldn't even matter. Keep moving forward and healing.



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Even if his phone is off there is a record of incoming calls, even if you don't leave a message. Obviously you also have tried to email him or you wouldn't know you were blocked from his account as well.


Perhaps you need to be refreshed in that NC stands for No Contact, that means no calling his phone for any reason, no emailing, no going by his house, nothing.


It's been two months, he wants nothing to do with you, let him go and stop calling and emailing-- for whatever reasons you are doing it.

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Maybe he did it as he ALSO wants NC? Maybe he changed phone plans. Why does it really matter if he did or not, or why he did.


Even those who dump us don't necessarily want to remain in contact with us, if it is either too painful, or even too harassing.


The thing is, if you were really doing NC, you would never have even known he blocked your email or changed numbers.


And, I know who called even if they only let it ring for a half-ring, there is no need for them to get to the voicemail part or leave a message, I can see their "missed call" and number as soon as they try and call.

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hi everyone, just wanted to make it clear (though i guess it doesn't matter – except to me!) that i only called his cell when i knew it would be turned off, so that it wouldn't even ring and there'd be no log of my call… guess i feel hurt that this guy cheated on me, put me through hell and then he blocks me! has frozen me out when it should so be the other way around. he's behaving like the 'wronged party'. it really does bug me. adding yet another insult to all the injuries…


thanks for all your comments.

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When a cell is off it still records calls -- some older models don't -- but most do (e.g. Nokia). So he probably does know..


I found this out when I called my ex one night got her voicemail but left no message. next day she sent me an SMS saying 'you tried calling me twice last night, is everything ok?'

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Yes I was just going to say what Doc said, even when the phone is off it still logs the calls that come in, even with one ring and a hangup, he knows that you called, and that's probably why he changed his number.


Look, Hon, he cheated on you, and now he clearly wants nothing to do with you. These are both good reasons why you shouldn't be trying to see what he's doing and by doing so torturing yourself, and get on with your own business and life.


Let him be, do you own thing. Your best revenge is to move on and have a happy and successful life--without him.

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