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birth control and early period?!

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well i know i have posted about my situation before but the replies were mostly just people warning me that i could get pregnant .


my bf and i are both free of STD's and we know that no birth control is 100% effective.


im on alesse 21 but i missed a pill, the next day i started bleeding. according to the package i'm supposed to get my period this week, but i stopped bleeding on sunday. since i missed that one pill, could my period have come early?! the bleeding was the same kind of heaviness and lasted about the same amount of time....right now, my boobs hurt and i have minor cramps at times, is my body just confused ?!


please reply ! i know i could go to the doctor, but where i live it takes SO long to get an appointment, so i want to see if anyone has advice. I know you aren't doctors, but maybe someone's experienced the same thing?


Thanks so much guys.



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"Breakthrough" bleeding is common when you are on the pill. When you are that close and you miss a pill, yes, you got your period, the real thing. Your period is very much regulated by hormones.

It's nothing to worry about, but bring it up when you do see your doctor.

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